Bored with raiding only Muslim Nazis, and to make Muslims feel better, Germany Raids Over 200 Suspected Neo-Nazi Premises. From Reuters:

German police have launched a nationwide search of more than 200 homes and businesses of people suspected of belonging to the country’s extreme right, the Federal Crime Office (BKA) said Wednesday.

The BKA said last year that neo-Nazis appeared to have shifted their tactics and stepped up violent attacks. Government figures show anti-Semitic crimes rose at the end of last year. […]

Less worrisome, apparently, is German police forcefully removing a Jewish flag from a private resident’s window, at the Muslims’ command.

Related point: I’ve always said that if someone believes in affirmative action, he or she should equally support ethnic/racial profiling. And after all, what is so wrong with ethnic profiling? What happened to celebrating our diversity? We pay all this lip service to our diversity, but as soon as there’s a practical application, we block it out: “Diversity? What diversity? There’s no diversity here! We’re all the same. People are people!”

Why are we ignoring our diversity? It’s a beautiful thing. God made it just a little easier to catch criminals and terrorists. And we give it a bad name.