The Obamas are just a day away from introducing their Portuguese Water Dog “Bo” to the public.

So much for reaching out to the Muslim world!

The Clintons — who have killed at least two dogs — had the right idea on this front.

The Clinton White House showed far greater sensitivity to Muslims when it came to dogs, with Dick Morris saying about Bill, “I’ve never seen that man so much as touch a dog in private.”

This was very Islamic of Clinton, and meanwhile Hillary didn’t like their Arkansas dog Zeke to be in the house, leaving him to roam around the neighborhood impregnating every species that her husband hadn’t. (Until neighbors complained and they finally neutered him.) (Zeke, not Bill.) Then in the White House both Buddy and Socks were kept in the basement when not outside. And now no one has seen or heard from Buddy’s replacement, his nephew Seamus, in six years.

While President Barack Obama is single-handedly destroying America’s image in the eyes of the Muslim world, it’s a good thing he has Hillary Clinton as secretary of state to at least balance things out. If she was genuine about wanting to improve our image in the Muslim world, she should state her and her husband’s record on pets clearly, and suggest poisoning dogs and setting cats on fire, as I wrote in a 2005 blog titled “What Hearts and Minds?”:

The AP reported that in Gode, Ethiopia, “U.S. troops found two cheetah cubs –one of them blinded–being forced to fight each other for the amusement of jeering children. The soldiers of the U.S. counterterrorism task force…came across the three-month-old cheetahs ‘performing’ at a restaurant run by Mohamed Hudle. The Djibouti-based task force…mounts humanitarian projects aimed at improving the U.S. military’s image among Muslims” as part of the military’s “hearts and minds” campaign.

Hudle’s 4-year-old and 2-year-old sons “pulled the cubs’ tails and dragged them around their sun-parched yard by ropes tied tightly to their necks. Other children followed, poking and teasing the frightened cats…Mohamed also has a hawk with a broken wing and three scrawny baby ostriches.”

Such are the places where we have to improve our image.

But seriously, folks — at least we have an improvement in the Obamas over the deadbeat Clintons in that they actually contemplated adoption before purchase and will probably neuter the dog. Still, I ask again: why does no first family ever think of showing it’s serious about protecting U.S. borders — by getting a border collie?