There is something telling about the Obamas breaking protocol in one direction in England and in the extreme other direction in Saudi Arabia.

The bow to the Saudi king and the cavalier arm-around gesture (on Gordon Brown and the Queen) were borne of both ignorance and the arrogance the couple have acquired since being convinced by us that they are demi-gods. But it signifies something much more disturbing:

Obama breaks protocols when dealing with Great Britain and creates new ones when dealing with Islam and the Arab world. The British hosts are patted, but the Saudis are bowed to. The Obamas are disrespecting the European, Western foundations that we come from while respecting an opposite, antithetical society and way of life — where we’re going.

It all should very loudly clarify, for anyone who still needs clarification, the direction that the Obamas have in mind to take the country in.

Between these overtures/insults, and Obama saying that the U.S. isn’t a Christian nation, hopefully the intended dismantling of Western society is becoming apparent even to those who brush off the notion that this is precisely the logical conclusion of multi-culturalism and of downplaying the importance of a Judeo-Christian foundation. That is, to those who always ask, “So what’s wrong with that?”

They’ll have their answer when they finally feel the bottom dropping out from under.

Obama could be good for the country after all, as I’ve said before. The Obamas are the mirror of our own self-loathing, and it will become obvious even to those who supported them. Once we hit Barack Bottom, of course.