Our favorite Bosnian Muslim cleric Mustafa Ceric recently used some sort of Eurabian convention on Jewish-Muslim “dialogue” (based on acknowledgement of the Shoah, no less) to equate what happened to the Jews in WW2 with what the Muslims say happened to them in Bosnia. Outrageous, but in character of course. The real question is whether Jews will yet again buy into the bull — like they did back in 1992. Of course they will.

A forum called “Palluxo”, which I’m unfamiliar with, carried Ceric’s statement:

Jews and Bosnian Muslims Have Joint Experience in Persecution and Genocide (April 23, 2009)

Invited by president of Fondation pour la Memoire de la Shoah, David de Rothschild, Reisu-l-ulema Dr. Mustafa Cerić took part today in Paris, the seat of the UNESCO, in the presentation of Projet Aladin….The gathering is about cultural and educational initiative for promotion of the Jewish-Muslim dialogue based upon mutual acquaintance, respect and refusal to deny and diminish Holocaust. Hosted by the UNESCO, former President of France Jacques Chirac, Prince El-Hassan bin Talaal of Jordan, former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid and former German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder, project “Aladdin” aims to assist in Muslim-Jewish dialogue so as to remove many a prejudice and stereotype which burden the Muslim-Jewish relations in the world.

A statement, titled “The Call of Conscience”, was adopted to denote the principle of the project:

…[W]e affirm, above all political views, our decisiveness to defend the historic truth as there is no peace based upon lies. The Holocaust is a historical fact: a genocide in which some six Million European Jews perished.

Its magnanimity is universal, as values of dignity and respect of human being is what the Nazi Germany and its European allies sought to destroy…The same demand for truth obligates us to remember the good people in Europe as well as among Arabs and Muslims.

We declare, together, our mutual wish to promote truthful, open and brotherly dialogue. [Notwithstanding, of course, the recent, Muslim-coerced passing of a UN Resolution disallowing criticism of Islam.]

Unite in the struggle against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

In this regard, Reisu-l-ulema, Dr. Mustafa Cerić, stated in Paris: …The importance of this is augmented because of the fact that I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina where, at the end of the 20-th century, a genocide was perpetrated upon Muslims in Europe, several decades after the Holocaust. This is, therefore, the right opportunity and place for me to remind all that Muslims and Jews have reasons to gather around a joint project such as this one and unite in the struggle against anti-Semitism and Islam-phobia, which phobia has gathered speed of recent.

It suffices to state that Muslims and Jews have a joint experience of persecution and genocide in Europe: both were expelled from Spain (Endelus) in the fifteenth century, with the Sephardic Jews finding a safe haven in Sarajevo, which is best witnessed by the Sarajevo Holy Haggadah, and both suffered a genocide in the twentieth century, Jews from the Nazis and Bosnian Muslims from the Serbian aggressors.

It is for that reason that we respect the fact that the European Parliament adopted, on January 15, 2009, a resolution to proclaim July 11th as day of remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide and called upon all “people of conscience” to remember, on July 11th, the crime against humanity which was committed on July 11th, 1995, in Srebrenica against Bosnian Muslims and, consequently, we call for all to take an oath that it will never happen again to anybody.

I am happy…to develop the Muslim-Jewish dialogue…and help one another free ourselves from prejudices and stereotyping which take us further away from our unity in resisting anti-Semitism which is on the increase, and Islam-phobia which endangers the world peace and stability…

Never mind that what’s causing “Islam-phobia” is that Muslims are killing infidels, including a lot of Jews, at an alarming rate, based on Islamic supremacy and the anti-Semitism that’s part and parcel with it. Never mind that therefore “Islam-phobia” is not equatable to the anti-Semitism that causes it. Never mind that there is also an “experience in persecution” that Jews and Muslims don’t share — Muslims killing Jews today and throughout history including during the Holocaust as the Nazis’ henchmen. Never mind any of that. Mind only that the two groups don’t share even the “persecution experience” that is the foundation of these farcical “dialogue” efforts — the much touted “Serbian genocide against Bosnian Muslims.”

But these Muslims are trying to use their opposition to Holocaust denial to win the Jews over again even as they attack them all over the world. This insanity was deftly handled by Balkans analyst Nebojsa Malic in his blog post entitled “Mustafa’s Genocide“:

Mustafa Ceric, head of the Islamic Religious Community in Bosnia, likes to travel around the world and pose as a “moderate” and “tolerant” Muslim. His latest junket was in Paris, where he traveled last week on the invitation of David de Rotschild, to take part in a conference dubbed “Projet Aladin” (the Aladdin Project). Apparently, this was a gathering of some two hundred political and academic personalities from the Islamic world dedicated to promoting Jewish-Muslim dialogue “based upon mutual acquaintance, respect and refusal to deny and diminish Holocaust.”

I know this because of a press release posted on an obscure news portal…and included a statement issued by the participants, clearly aimed at Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s constant disputing of the Holocaust.

But the event gave Ceric the opportunity to make the preposterous claim that:

“Muslims and Jews have a joint experience of persecution and genocide in Europe: both were expelled from Spain (Endelus) in the fifteenth century, with the Sephardic Jews finding a safe haven in Sarajevo, which is best witnessed by the Sarajevo Holy Haggadah, and both suffered a genocide in the twentieth century, Jews from the Nazis and Bosnian Muslims from the Serbian aggressors.”

The claim that what happened in Bosnia was a genocide absolutely qualifies as “diminishing the Holocaust.” A savage ethnic conflict that killed two percent of the country’s entire population (including combat casualties) compares to a campaign of mass murder conducted by the Nazis, how exactly? Oh, I forget, the death of “up to 8000″ (the actual number is still a mystery!) Muslim fighters in Srebrenica is apparently a “genocide” on par with the Shoah!

There is also a hidden temptation for the Jews in Ceric’s claim: Muslims will stop denying the Shoah if the Jews would agree that the Muslims were victims of genocide, too! Preposterous? I think so. But could it happen? Wouldn’t be the first time the Jews bought into Muslim propaganda:

“We outwitted three big Jewish organizations - B’Nai Brith Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. We suggested to them to publish an advertisement in the New York Times and to organize demonstrations outside the U.N. This was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the (Muslim) Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind.”
- James Harff, executive for PR agency Ruder Finn, to French journalist Jacques Merlino, 1993 (source)

One reason this is particularly galling is that the Muslims of Bosnia took part in the Holocaust. During the war, Bosnia was part of the “Independent State of Croatia” (NDH), and Muslims were considered “Croats of Islamic faith.” The Ustasha regime ruling the NDH seized the property of Bosnian Jews and sent most of them to death camps like Jasenovac. Many Muslims took part in this infernal endeavor, and were rewarded by the Jews’ property. Others answered the call of the Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini, and allied with Hitler.

Completing the travesty is that the Ustashas’ principal target were the Serbs, of whom they killed hundreds of thousands! Yet the mass murder of Serbs isn’t a “genocide,” oh no - Srebrenica is!

The Sarajevo Haggadah, which Ceric mentions, had to be hidden during the war from the “tolerant” NDH authorities. Muslims claim they saved it from destruction. Croats say it was a Croat who did it. In any event, the book was saved. But what happened to the Jews?

Few remain in Bosnia today. Most have long ago emigrated to Israel, which Mustafa Ceric’s “brothers” in Hamas and Hezbollah desire to destroy. Yet somehow, the fate of the Bosnian Jews and the Muslims’ ties to the Nazis and the modern-day jihadists don’t seem to matter to ex-politicians and UN bureaucrats. What they care about is being lectured by this “moderate” and “tolerant” mufti about the “joint experience of persecution”, while he recycles vile propaganda about the “Serb genocide” and harangues against “Islamophobia.”

We should rightly point a questioning finger at the organizers of this travesty for putting another brick into the wall of Eurabia. One could, and should, rightly condemn the Serbian officialdom, which has continued to ignore the genocide during WW2 even though the Communist regime that suppressed any inquiry into it has been gone for two decades now. None of that excuses Ceric for what he said, or what he’s been doing for years - but it explains why he’s been getting away with it.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” goes the saying….When it comes to Bosnia, the Jews have been fooled once already. Now Mustafa Ceric is trying to fool them again.

Bottom line: Even a Muslim conference against Holocaust denial is Holocaust denial. And those are the “moderate” ones.

Nebojsa also encountered some jarring jihadist articles inserted innocously into the Palluxo news feeds. One example:

- New Mac product is shiny
- Super shiny Mac product excels
- Mac unveils new shiny product
- Will this product work with your new Mac?

Let’s keep in mind that the tactics used against Serbs and Jews are the same. Above, substitute the word “Israelis” and you’ll get something that should sound familiar: “EVIL GENOCIDAL ISRAELI AGGRESSORS GENOCIDE INNOCENT PALESTINIANS”

The Serbs fighting back against the Muslims slaughtering them near Srebrenica being portrayed as “the worst atrocity since the Holocaust” has its parallel in the Jews fighting back against the Muslims slaughtering them in Israel — and being portrayed similarly.

I don’t know about you, but perhaps stumbling upon a roasted Serbian child with an apple in his/her mouth in Bosnia might very well induce me to take up arms against the “men and boys” who were doing this. And yes, I would risk being labeled a genocidal Nazi for all eternity for doing so.

Quoting Nataliya Narochnitskaya, head of the Paris branch of the Russian Institute of Democracy and Cooperation: “I remember an incident in the mid-90s, when I was travelling by car in the Serb Republic. I was taken to a cemetery in an area of fighting and mass graves. I was told a horrible story. There is a cross there. A child roasted with apples, like a Christmas goose, was found there.”

Roastings by the mujahedeen in Bosnia and the Bosnian Muslims accompanying them were not uncommon.

To learn more about the Muslims’ much more dastardly-than-previously-thought role in the Holocaust, Chuck Morse’s book The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism is a must read.