Srdja Trifkovic sent in the following:

Take a deep breath and a large whisky.

Think you’ve seen it all? Now there is a pro-KLA musical by a former law school dean (Chicago Kent) and former Clintonite who spent a little time in Kosovo and uses his position to state that the Serbs are the “cancer” of Europe… and gets friendly reviews and a politely sympathetic article in the ABA Journal. Incredible!

As another tipster on this, named Diana, wrote: “Don’t miss the seven-minute youtube [video]. It provides a rare authentic taste of the American view of the world that brought us the Kosovo war… and other tragic farces. I am speechless.”

Ex-Law School Dean Spins Kosovo Experience Into Rock Opera

As ludicrous as the concept is, there seemed always something inevitable about a Serb-killing musical, didn’t there? Here is an interview with the senile old fool who thought of this. The news clip opens with the song “Shoot Them All”:

Check out his reference to the “mostly Christian KLA.” That’s almost like saying “the mostly caucasian Vietcong.” (And yes, “Miss Saigon” was his inspiration for this.)

Hey, Israel-watchers — if you liked the play about Rachel Corrie, you’ll LOVE the musical about the KLA. In fact, the concept is only a few rungs beneath the sequel to Corrie — “Hamas: The Musical!” — given that Hamas is actually more moderate than the KLA.