Unlike, literally, every other politician in America, a real man is running for office. His name is Jesse Petrilla and he is running for City Council of Rancho Santa Margarita. Serbian and other Balkans-savvy readers will be interested to know that he specifically sought out a Serbian fiance, because Petrilla also happens to be one of the only non-Serb Americans who knows the score in the Balkans. Witness his 2007 piece “My Trip to Kosovo and Bosnia.”

Jesse needs our help and TIME IS RUNNING OUT!

I got the following note from his campaign on Tuesday:

It’s a race! The first filing period for contributions ends in only fourteen days on June 30th. Please help me launch my campaign for the City Council of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA with as much momentum as possible with your generous contribution. I am so grateful and humbled by the amount of support the campaign has received so far, raising over 17k, and I thank you for being so kind. This is the final push before the end of this period. We’ve already set our goal for the end of the year, 30k, and need your generous support to help us reach it in order to attain victory.

Regardless of where you live, you’ll be supporting a strong grassroots conservative who will fight to protect and advance conservative values.

You may also send a check payable to:

Taxpayers for Jesse Petrilla
P.O. Box 80325
RSM, CA 92688

Thank you for your generosity, it truly means a lot to me.


Jesse Petrilla
Rancho Santa Margarita City Council 2010

Paid for by Taxpayers for Jesse Petrilla, City Council 2010 ID # 1314207

That’s the important part. But just as a point of interest: Petrilla is also an anti-Jihad entrepreneur. He has released a video game called “Durka 3D: The Fall of Ahmadinejad“. Reports Jesse:

Becoming a smash hit video game, Durka 3D: The Fall of Ahmadinejad is gaining quite a following since the phony elections were held in Iran. The game has now been marked down to five bucks in order to spread as many copies around the globe as possible. Hate mail, and letters of support have spewed into the Durka mailbox.

Shortly after launching the Facebook fan page for Durka 3D, the Iranian government banned Facebook throughout the country. Coincidence?

I mentioned Jesse and the United American Committee which he founded before, if you recall, in a post titled “Watch Out for Steel Balls on the Highway.”