Just wanted to highlight a rare case of someone actually having to do prison time for Serb-torture. This Bosnian was probably stunned beyond belief. The item is from last year and comes from Norway, which can try people for war crimes committed in other countries:

Sentenced to 5 Yrs in Prison for Crimes in Bosnia

Mirsad Repak lives with his family in Norway. He has been convicted of crimes against Serb civilians.

Bosnian Muslim Mirsad Repak, 42, was sentenced to five years in prison in Oslo for war crimes against Serb civilians during the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992.

Repak moved to Norway with his family in 1993 and became a naturalised Norwegian in 2001.

He has been convicted on 11 counts of imprisonment and one count of violence against Serb civilians.

The court, however, acquitted him of charges of torture and rape due to lack of evidence. He will have to pay more than 44,300 euros in damages to victims.

The prosecution moved for a sentence of 10 years and 650,000 euros of damages, while the defence moved for acquittal.

This was the first war crimes trial held in Norway since World War Two.