“Prime Minister” Hashim Thaci, we know about. But there’s also this from December:

Ramush Haradinaj involved in body organs trafficking

Spokesman of Serbia Prosecution for war crimes Bruno Vekaric said yesterday that claims over body organs trafficking and execution of people in the north of Albania shall be investigated since as early as today there are sufficient proofs for a serious investigation.

In his televised interview with ‘Palma Plus’ television, he implied involvement of some KLA leaders.

‘Agim Ceku and Hashim Thaci are not mentioned in this story, but Ramush Haradinaj is deeply involved. The prosecution came in possession of some accounts relating to him or his family’, Vekaric said.

Spokesman of the Prosecution for war crimes said that ‘it is important to give partial satisfaction to the families of abducted and missing Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija and try to recover bodies of their dearest ones killed in the northern Albania’.

‘That is the first step. The second one is search for individuals responsible for those monstrous crime’, Vekaric said.