There was a whole lot of controversy today over whether Obama gave a girl’s rear end the once-over — or not. A ridiculous thing to have any question about to begin with. I mean, why would a gay man look at a woman’s behind?

Turns out, he didn’t even notice it.

Reports are saying the girl is 17 years old. But she’s from Brazil, so in Brazilian years that’s 45. (They start early over there!)

Anyway, the snapshot of Obama seeming to notice the passing tush is part of a campaign, directed by the first lady and reported last month in “The Globe” tabloid (so it’s up to your discretion), to have Obama look as heterosexual and macho as possible — because Larry Sinclair’s book is coming out this summer. Expect the power of suggestion (today’s incident) to lead to some actual, intentional ogling by the president.

Also part of the campaign is to make Michelle look as gorgeous and desirable as possible, and so Maxim magazine helped out several weeks ago by voting her into its Top 100 hottest women. As I said at the time: I agree that she’s hot. She totally reminds me of a guy I dated when I was 15. No wonder Obama likes her.