So the week’s news is that seven more Muslims have been charged with conspiring to commit or abet terrorism.

You know, there was a time when the big threat was communism, and the public pretty much knew it was bad. People understood this without there being communists arrested on a daily basis for plotting attacks. But here we are with today’s threat: Islam. Related to which, arrests are made on a daily basis.

And yet Islam still isn’t considered a threat by the public at large — not even by the traditionally hawkish right wing, whose intelligentsia insists that neither Islam nor Muslims at large (no pun intended) are the problem. Of course, they say this because they’re playing a numbers game as they compete with the left for the hearts and minds of all Americans including Muslims, the consequences be damned.

How many more terror plots have to be uncovered before everyone realizes that Islam is a threat?

Following are a few excerpts from a report in which neighbors of ringleader Daniel Boyd are interviewed:

“If he’s a terrorist, he’s the nicest terrorist I’ve ever met in my life,” said Charles Casale, a neighbor to Boyd and his sons who often chatted with them…When the two chatted near the pond that separated their properties, Boyd would excuse himself to pray when the sun reached its noon-day height.

In 1989, Boyd, the high school sweetheart he married, Sabrina, and his brother moved to Pakistan to work with Afghanistan’s mujahedeen rebels….The Boyd brothers ran afoul of Pakistani authorities, who ordered they have their right hands and left feet cut off after they found them guilty of robbing a bank. Pakistan’s supreme court overturned the convictions. The brothers came home to the United States.

Now, let me ask you. If you’d gotten yourself into such a bind in the Muslim netherworld, wouldn’t you thank your lucky stars that you got out of it? Wouldn’t you realize that you don’t belong there and kiss American soil as soon as you landed? Wouldn’t it dawn on you first-hand how terrifying Islam is? Wouldn’t you just be glad it was all behind you and say, “I’m just gonna sit my dumb ass on this here porch and swing on the swing in the good ol’ U.S. of A, where nobody gonna cut shit off.”

You would think.

But no. Afterwards, this trouble-seeker went on or funded a bunch of trips to Pakistan.

How did it all start? Boyd’s divorced mother married a Muslim. That’s when little Boyd decided he wanted to be a bad-ass, and converted to Islam, no doubt catching on that other options, such as the KKK, weren’t popular and got away with little.

Back to the rich comments by neighbors:

In 2007, they lost a son, 16-year-old Luqman, in a single-car accident near their home.

Neighbors who watched their family buckle under the grief of Luqman Boyd’s death questioned the impact. They couldn’t help but blame the Boyds’ troubles on such a traumatic loss.

“That was such a huge blow to the family,” said Lorie Sienkwicz, a neighbor who often talked religion with Daniel Boyd. “We’re all looking for reasons. That’s mine.”

She just can’t figure out what would draw this neighbor to terrorislam. It had to be some traumatic experience that the family suffered. And therefore Boyd decided to imperil the lives of his two remaining sons. Makes sense.

You know, six months after their wedding, my sister and her husband were crushed in their car when a dump truck flipped on top of it. Ten years earlier, my 17-year-old cousin was ejected from a car that someone else was driving and landed on his head, dying. Eight years before that, another cousin’s young parents were killed in a plane crash. And yet — mysteriously — none of the parents, children or siblings of these disproportionately departed members of my family had thought to start killing people as a result.

Then again, we aren’t looking for excuses to kill.