Jewish Air Force vet Michael Weinstein’s suit against the Air Force is building steam. He is suing the Air Force over nebulous charges of Christian “proselytizing” (i.e. chaplains mentioning the name “Jesus” in multifaith contexts).

If the Air Force wants to get out of trouble, it should go the Marine route: They’re non-nebulously building a mosque in Quantico, VA, for 24 Muslim Marines and for indoctrination purposes, and no one’s suing.

Anyway, such is America today: while mosques are going up faster than Starbucks, we’re trying to figure out whether to take god out of the pledge first, or off the money. Is jihad really a good time to be getting rid of deities?

If I were god, I wouldn’t know whom I’d want to see win this holy war. I’d be thinking, “Yeah these Muslims are crazy, but at least they don’ t hate me.”