Reader Nancy recently got back from taking her grandson to Disney World:

…We only saw a few (2 in 4 days) costumed characters out and about because it was too hot for them to
stand around and suffer heat stroke.

[We also saw] two Moslem women (one in maybe her twenties and one in maybe her fifties — who can really tell??).

Anyway, they were walking around in the Magic Kingdom in the 94 degree heat, covered up with long DARK colored dress/coat garments with long sleeves, long pants under that and a dark head coverings tight and restricting. WOW!

Here is where the interesting parts comes in: the women had a man and two pre-teen boys with them in shorts, sneakers, light colored tee shirts and ball caps. They were dressed weather appropriate. There was a little girl about 6 or 7 dressed like a Western European Disney-world idea of a “princess” with a rhinestone crown, in pink sheer fabric with fluffy skirt, poofs, lace and ruffles with sequins. A real eyecatcher!! WOW!! What a contrast in styles and attitude.

The thing that was the most noticeable to me was the stuffed animal carried by the little “princess”. Why, it was PLUTO the DOG!!!!! A dirty animal by koran standards. LOL!!

Grown women dressed to suffer in the heat and a little girl carrying the FORBIDDEN DOG…. might as well been PIGLET from Winnie the Pooh!! LOL!!

There were a few other moslem women and their owners here and there but not too many. At the Typhon Lagoon there was one muslim gal dressed with the long black dress with pants and a black headscarf sitting in the sand and the SUN by a very cool wading lagoon… while her man and two sons waded and splashed around and the old man very obviously, eyed the bikini-clad young gals walking by. And there were MANY.

I watched all this from my low beach chair placed in the water at the side of the wading lagoon, it was a lovely garden spot, by the way.

FORTUNATELY for the “beached” moslem woman staked out in the SUN, it started to get cloudy and thunder, then rain came on quickly. So she could ESCAPE and could get off the “beach”, out of the SUN and 94 degree heat…Me and mine, and the other sane folks made for the cover of the wooden shelters. The muslims just walked off in the heavy, heavy rain, lightning and thunder claps. Guess they did NOT want to be cheek to jowl with all of us “dirty kiffers”crowded under the shelter for safety.