An appeal from filmmaker Ninoslav Randjelovic, geared especially to those who have church contacts and/or other organizational affiliations:

Dear Sir/Madam,

As an independent filmmaker, for the last 12 years I have been producing documentary films regarding endangered Christian heritage and human rights violation in Kosovo and Metohija. Several DVD editions of my documentary films have been issued in the USA and Europe. The most recent video publication, “Three Kosovo Films for the U.N.”, was printed in NYC this March (in NTSC video format). Serbian Orthodox Church has recently issued another edition in Belgrade (in PAL video format). More information about this exclusive video document — which details the willful destruction of the heritage of Western civilizations, and the endangered Christian (Orthodox) churches in Kosovo and Metohija — is available on the web site:

In April, 192 Missions of the U.N., and relevant political and cultural institutions received copies of the video, with a request to support public broadcast of this document. So far, this proposal has received recommendations from 124 U.N. Missions as well as from 57 academic and political institutions worldwide.

In an effort to enhance the distribution of this document, I am asking you to consider purchasing a package of 25-50 copies of this new publication for a price of $10 per copy.

Your support will help me cover the cost of the production of this publication, as well as to produce new translations of the films presented on this publication — in German, Italian, Portuguese and Greek language.

Thanking you in advance, for your consideration and any support you can provide.

Ninoslav Randjelovic

Some background about these video project(s) and Nino’s struggles with them:

The general idea is to present this publication as exclusive documentary evidence about the unresolved issues regarding the Kosovo crisis — persisting security problems and enduring threats to the Orthodox Christian cultural heritage of Serbia — with the goal of reaching a wide European audience within the next few months.

The Church will receive 600 copies and distribute them further and the rest of the copies will be sent to various political and cultural institutions and media outlets in Europe.

Since I haven’t managed to raise enough funds to cover the expenses of the publication printed in NY (Three Kosovo films for the UN), I still owe to the studio in Belgrade the sum of 7,000 euros ($10,000) and also have 800 dvd discs of that edition in the boxes in my apartment in New York. The discs should have been purchased (for the agreed price of $10 per disc) by the ministry of foreign affairs of the Government of Serbia and sent to the diplomatic offices in the USA and Canada. This would have helped me come out of this project almost without any more debts regarding the production costs. Unfortunately, it is not the case.

My hope is that this present publication issued by the Serbian Church and prospective support of various Orthodox Churches in the world might generate some further interest in this document and therefore could help distribution of the discs I have in the States, at least among Christian audience.

I will be in NY in September and hopefully, will meet with the representatives of the Orthodox Church of America as well as with the representatives of some other Christian organizations in America regarding their possible support in further media presentations of these films in the USA.

I also hope that the prospective broadcast of these films on television in Europe might generate some further (and more substantial) interest in the issue of endangered christian heritage in Kosovo.

At my recent meetings with the representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church I have suggested that new new video material should also be produced that would document the actual situation of the endangered Christian churches and monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija that have not been visited or recorded so far.

If everything works well, I hope to be able to travel to Kosovo and Metohija after I return to Serbia from the States, to immediately start producing this new video footage.

I hope that some of that new footage can be produced as soon as possible so that it could be presented to the world’s audience during the media campaign of my Kosovo films in Europe which will start at the end of October.