Yesterday, God lost his battle to keep Ted Kennedy away from him. Mary Jo Kopechne has been waiting a long time for this reunion with her killer.

While God is deciding what to do with this latest drop-off — recycle it or throw it in the landfill — this defecit to humanity will be going through purgatory at the bottom of Poucha Pond. Which, apparently, was only seven feet deep. And yet he couldn’t “risk” his Kennedy-minted life to get the girl out.

As news reports profiling his life and career gush on, most of them mention the Chappaquiddick incident and then quickly move on to all the good that he did, in a manner suggesting that such an event might have derailed someone else, but it didn’t derail this crusader. Indeed, to be derailed by such a thing would have required character.

As one article was quick to move on: “[H]e worked to protect civil rights, give federal help to the poor, contain the spread of nuclear weapons, raise the minimum wage, expand health coverage and improve America’s schools.”

That’s exactly what I would do if I killed someone.

Indeed, it’s very much the Bill Clinton approach: after raping an unknown number of women (at least two that we know of, and probably Hillary, according to Ed Klein’s book), he became an advocate for the poor, the fat, the AIDS-infected, and the weather. Such things always help a person to not look back. Conspicuously, Clinton never set up any rape crisis centers or other violence-against-women outfits — or anything at all related to his crimes. Just as Ted Kennedy never joined Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.