The Bill Clinton Statue is complete and about to move to its home:

Bill Clinton Statue to be Unveiled in Kosovo’s Capital in September

The long-awaited statue of former President Bill Clinton will be unveiled in Pristina at the end of month, the team behind the tribute has said.

Agim Rexhepi, head of the Friends of the USA association, which has previously hosted many events to show gratitude to the US for its support of Kosovo, told Balkan Insight that the statue will soon be moved to its home on Bill Clinton Boulevard.

Bill Clinton is viewed as a hero by Kosovo Albanians, following his support for NATO’s intervention in 1999.

In 2007, Friends of the USA obtained permission from Pristina Municipality to use the land directly under a large Bill Clinton poster hanging on the side of an apartment building on Bill Clinton Boulevard.

…“The government has given us 30,000 euros to finance the organisation of the inauguration of the statue, which has to be a great spectacle because of the importance of the work Bill Clinton has done for us,” he said.

As far as the attendance of the former president is concerned, Rexhepi said that he has received positive signals from Clinton’s people.

“He [Bill Clinton] has received an official invitation from the government and, more importantly, the people of Kosovo, who will never forget what he has done for us,” he said.

Rexhepi told Balkan Insight that he expects the event will be held around the end of September.

The Bill Clinton Statue is 6m high, with the base included. He is holding the May 24, 1999, document which allowed the insertion of US troops into Kosovo.

The statue is currently in Tirana, [Albania] receiving a coating of bronze.

Rexhepi added that the area surrounding the future statue will converted into a square, with shrubbery and seating for visitors.

In case you thought Clinton’s was the dumbest face you could see on the side of a building, here’s one better:

And if President Obama helps Albanians kill non-Albanians and secure Serbian land for Albanians for a second Albanian state, he too can have his name added to the landscape that hosts Bill Clinton Settlement, Congressman Engel Boulevard, Wesley Clark Avenue, Bob Dole Avenue, George Bush Street, Madeleine Albright Street, and atrocity stage-manager William Walker Street. And if you do the same, you can have Albanians named after you; for now, the most popular names for Albanian Muslim toddlers are Hillary and Bill.

“The most disturbing part of Kosovo (for me) is the Bill Clinton posters everywhere, if they could put this guy as the president here, they would. Wait till you start telling the taxi driver to bring you to [Bill Clinton Boulevard], [NATO Lane] and [Blair Street]; I am not kidding about the names.” — Cheeky Thoughts blog