What our canine friends can look forward to from open borders:

Illegal Alien Rapes Puppy
Suspect felt there was no problem, claiming animal was his to abuse

STUART, Fla. – This South Florida community some 90 miles north of Miami is outraged after a suspected illegal alien allegedly raped a puppy.

The man, who initially told police his name was Junio Trenta but is believed to be Enrique Garcia, was taken into custody after Martin County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a possible animal in distress.

When they arrived, officers “saw Garcia sexually assaulting a 28-pound, 14- to 16-week-old dog of mixed breed,” according to the sheriffs office.

Upon being seen, the Mexican transient said, “It’s my dog,” and, “What’s the problem?”

The arrest affidavit indicates the male dog ran and hid behind the deputies.

Like one posting on The Stuart News’ messageboard read, the guy was just doing a job that most Americans are unwilling to.

This is just an example of one of those much celebrated “other cultures” that we’ve embraced and equalized with our own–cultures in which animals are for human amusement and whim satisfaction. A few years ago in the Bronx, one family celebrated an unnamed tradition in which boys learned from men how to skin rabbits alive while they’re dangling upside down and while other family members egged their Miniature Pinscher to tear apart another rabbit. No doubt we can also look forward to ever more dog-fighting and cock-fighting rings.

At least Muslims have the decency to reject canine advances, thinking them dirty, though they’ve also been known to kill dogs who are too forward.