I got the following message this morning from The Jerusalem Post’s Caroline Glick:

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, Sweden’s mass circulation tabloid Aftonbladet published reports alleging that the IDF kills Palestinians to harvest their organs. This new blood libel was widely condemned in Israel. The Swedish government however refused to condemn the stories claiming that it would be an affront to freedom of expression. In the meantime, the libel has been repeated all over Sweden and spread to the Arab world. Most recently, this week the Algerians began claiming that Jews kill Arab children for organs.

Just as an aside, let me just say that I think people are confusing Israelis with Muslims in the Balkans, who kill Christians to harvest their organs. Classic projection. As for the Swedish government calling blood libel “freedom of speech,” well that doesn’t really even bear commenting on.

Perhaps unconnected, the Norwegian government announced this week that it is divesting its pension fund from its holdings in Israel’s Elbit defense contractor due to the fact that Elbit provides electronic sensors to Israel’s security fence.

At any rate, my team at Latma, the Hebrew satire site that I run felt that the time had come to show the Swedes just what we think of them. We produced this linked clip and attached both English and Swedish subtitles to it.

We hope that you watch the video and send it out to all your friends and acquaintances and, if you have a website that you post it for the viewing pleasure of your visitors.

Beyond that, we wish you all a healthy, happy, secure and prosperous New Year.

Shana tova,