Bosnian Muslim leader weapons smuggler

The leader of the Bosnian Muslim extremist political party, the SDA, is also the main kernel in the Bosnian Muslim network of weapons smuggling says Bosnian Muslim expert on security and terrorism Dzevad Galijasevic.

Bakir Izetbegovic, the leader of the SDA and a son of the late extremist Muslim leader, Alija Izetbegovic, who invited al-Qaeda into Bosnia, is the main organizer in smuggling of illegal weapons into Bosnia says Galijasevic and notes that the former SDA leader Hasan Cengic, who is very close to the radicals in Iran, control the black market for weapons.

Member of the expert team on terrorism and organized crime, Domagoj Margetic says that Izetbegovic was involved in hiding the documents on imports of “Scud” missiles that have been stored in the basement of the factory called Petris. Margetic says that the storage had 26 projectiles and now there are only 20.

Galijasevic adds that SA7 rockets have been exported by Bosnia which is a violation of the agreement Bosnian Muslims had with the US. The rockets were supposed to be demolished by 2001.

The Bosnian Muslim “Ministry of defense has issued a tender offer in 2008 for those rockets!” exclaims Galijasevic.

“Seven years after those rockets were suppose to be destroyed, Bosnia plans to sell them. Americans were not silly for demanding those rockets be destroyed because they are well suited for terror attacks,” explains Galijasevic.

Galijasevic says that an agency that does business with the Canadian military has warned the Bosnian Ministry that it is not prudent to offer those rockets for sale.

“The agency has offered to get a fair price for those rockets and find a ’secure home’ for them so that they would not end up in the wrong hands,” says Galijasevic.

Bakir Izetbegovic’s father, Alija, was instrumental in granting the Bosnian Muslim citizenship to thousands of Muslims from the Middle East. At least 2 of those were involved in the 9/11 attacks while thousands of others have been involved in other terror hits elsewhere. Saudi Arabia has named one of the main boulevards in their capitol, Riyadh, as an Alija Izetbegovic street.

Military Analyst Gostimir Popovic says that there is no dilemma that certain groups control illegal weapons market in Bosnia but warns that all those weapons are well suited for terror activities.

“It is a fact that the vast majority of that weaponry is very well suited for terror attacks, and that brings the special light to the entire problem and seriously impedes on the security of the region,” says Popovic.