Vanessa Redgrave: Kosovo makes me happy

New Kosova Report | 23 September 2009

Famous British actress, Oscar and Golden Globe winner, Vanessa Redgrave has kept her promise. She reached Prishtina, where she will host the “PriFilm” festival on Tuesday night. “If my mother was alive, she would be extremely happy to know that I came back to Kosovo. She always said that she never saw me happier than in Kosovo. I am really happy, ” expressed Redgrave.

It’s not the first time Redgrave comes to Kosovo. She has extended her hand of aid for Albanians in Kosovo in moments of difficult times during the war. Besides visiting hospitals in Prishtina in 1997, Redgrave travelled to Albania and the FYROM [Macedonia] the following year to visit Albanian refugees of Kosovo, conducting drama workshops for children in several of the refugee camps. In London, she organized a concert, For the Children of Kosovo, on behalf of the United Kingdom Committee for UNICEF.

This time, she was sent to Prishtina for another purpose. She is the President of the Board of PriFilmFest- Prishtina International Film Festival- whose mission is to open doors of the newest country in the world, Kosovo, to welcome different cultures of the world through cinema, using it as a medium to promote open dialog between cultures and nations. She will be hosting the opening event of PriFilmFest on Tuesday night.

She is equally well known as a passionate activist in the cause of children and as an advocate of peace, tolerance and reconciliation. In June 1995, she was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She called for peace in Kosovo during a rally in Trafalgar Square in 1998 where thousands gathered to demonstrate against the atrocities commited against Kosovar Albanians by Serbia’s occupation and colonialist forces.

I didn’t know it was possible to “occupy” territory in one’s own country. But thank you for the dubious use of the term “occupation.” It helps underscore the flippant misuse of it with regard to Israel as well. And it shows that Redgrave seems to be as confused about “occupation” in Kosovo as she is about “occupation” in the West Bank.

Secondly, even the mainstream dummies have been moving away in recent years from the ethnic cleansing charge when they wrap up their reports with a summary of what went down in ‘99, admitting now that Serbian forces were cracking down on “Albanian insurgents,” and not trying to remove a province’s entire population, as we were supposed to believe. (Since 2008 AP reports have been closing with “Kosovo came under U.N. and NATO administration after a NATO-led air war halted former Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic’s crackdown on ethnic Albanian separatists in 1999.”)

But the Redgrave dispatch was written by an Albanian, so what can we expect?

So let’s just note the main point here: The woman who was an early supporter of the terror group Palestinian Liberation Organization is also a supporter of the bloody mess that the terror group Kosovo Liberation Army has accomplished. When your targets are Jews and Serbs, there’s no hiding that you are a Nazi.

Especially if you do this:

In December 2007, Redgrave was named as one of the possible suretors who paid the £50,000 bail for Jamil al-Banna, one of three British residents arrested after landing back in the UK following four years’ captivity at Guantanamo Bay. Al-Banna is alleged to have run a terrorist cell called the Islamic Alliance which recruited people to fight jihad in Afghanistan and Indonesia. He also is accused of distributing extremist propaganda produced by Osama bin Laden. Redgrave has declined to be specific about her financial involvement but said she was “very happy” to be of “some small assistance for Jamil and his wife”, adding, “It is a profound honour and I am glad to be alive to be able to do this. Guantanamo Bay is a concentration camp.”[27]

As for those drama workshops she was conducting at the refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia, that could help explain this:

Goran Stojcik, a Macedonian ambulance driver who worked in the refugee camps during the war, testified under oath at the Hague Tribunal that he had eye-witnessed Western news crews stage-managing fake news footage in the refugee camps…In one example, he said a news crew threw a refugee child into the mud to make him cry for the camera.

On another occasion, he said his colleague’s medical supplies were stolen so a perfectly healthy man could be wrapped in bandages and placed on a stretcher to be portrayed as wounded in front of the TV cameras.

The lady is instrumental indeed!