In March I did some debunking of the disingenuous tag by U.S. politicians of Kosovo Albanians as “freedom fighters” against a communist Yugoslavia — as an excuse to prop them up against that country as we formulated our designs on that country.

Aside from the fact that at the time, neighboring Soviet-sponsored communist Albania was the most Stalin-like dictatorship in the Soviet bloc (next to the Soviet Union itself) — and aside from the fact that the Kosovo Liberation Army was composed of fascists, Marxists, Maoists, university students and other assorted communists — I stumbled upon this paragraph from a 2007 Der Spiegel article:

While the UN continues to wrestle over Kosovan independence, radical forces in and around Deèani [or ‘Decani,’ in Kosovo] are already a few steps ahead. “We are all Albanians. Enver Hoxha was our president,” protestors chanted last year at a demonstration in front of the city hall to commemorate the former Stalinist Albanian dictator’s 98th birthday. Then they dispatched a congratulatory telegram to Hoxha’s widow in Tirana.

Everyone in Deèani [Decani] — including the international administrators — knows that the Hoxha commemorative ceremony was organized by the same KLA veteran leaders who routinely stage protest marches whenever one of the Haradinajs is in trouble or someone wants to intimidate the orthodox monks in the monastery on the outskirts of Deèani.