I realize it’s from a February story, but did anyone else catch this line from the UK Times article describing the raid on Finsbury Park Mosque, which yielded a cache of chemical warfare protection suits, three blank-firing pistols, a stun gun, CS spray, a gas mask, handcuffs, hunting knives, stolen or forged passports, laminating equipment, credit cards and checkbooks:

“Illuminated by a beam from a helicopter, dozens of officers in body armour used an ‘enforcer’ battering ram to get in before donning overshoes as a sign of respect.”

Benny Hill couldn’t have come up with better sketch material! If only British newspapers had figured out that they could reprint the Mohammed cartoons as long as they had the parenthetical “Peace and blessings be upon him.”

Do we really have to respect a religion whose god approves of terrorism and child sacrifice? If so, then we certainly shouldn’t wrinkle our noses at the Aztec and Mayan cultures, whose gods were pleased by seeing as much pain as possible inflicted upon children before they were sacrificed.

Islamic culture is in a way worse than those primitive cultures in that its religion is a mere shroud for a sadistic political movement whose only god is conquest. Islam itself is a veil, and Brits should take heed that in their pronunciation, there is no difference between the words “mosque” and “mask.”