The heroic Slavenka Drakulic wrote the following about the Clinton statue in Kosovo — entirely missing the whole point of Bill Clinton, and the whole point of Kosovo:

The former US president should have been too embarrassed to attend a ceremony in Kosovo with unpleasant historical echoes

…[W]hat should we make out of people cheering a newly erected 11ft high 2,000lb statue of another “beloved leader” now? No, not in North Korea, China or Cuba – but in a newly independent democratic Kosovo…As the red cover was removed, Clinton could see his younger self sprayed with gold, with a left hand raised, a typical gesture of a leader greeting the masses. In his right hand he is holding documents engraved with the date when Nato started the bombardment of Serbia, 24 March 1999.

It is true that Clinton deserves gratitude. Without US involvement in ending the war in Bosnia in 1995 (while EU states stood by and watched the carnage) – the end would have been more uncertain.

OK, so she’s apparently also confused about Bosnia — like about the fact that the U.S. actually caused the war to happen when Ambassador Warren Zimmermann encouraged Bosnian fundamentalist president Alija Izetbegovic to remove his signature from the 1992 Lisbon Agreement, with a wink and a nod that the U.S. would have his back. The Lisbon Agreement was about to accomplish what the Dayton Accords did, but without bloodshed. I also find it hard to see how one could still be applauding helping Muslims in an aggressive war against Christians that was the great Islamic galvanizer that globalized al Qaeda.

Then, after the Albanian exodus started in March 1999, the Nato’s bombing campaign followed, stopping the persecution of ethnic Albanians in Serbia.

This woman has as much of a clue about Kosovo as my grocery clerk. Not only is her chronology off as she implies that the Albanians were fleeing because of Serbian actions, but she is still referring to the “persecution” of the Albanians when everyone knows — even if everyone still lies — that the Yugoslavian government was targeting insurgents and clearing out areas where civilians could get caught in the crossfire between the army and the terrorists. The “persecution,” of course, was what we called the “voluntary” boycott that all Albanians had to engage in as they built up a parallel society in anticipation of stealing a chunk of land from Serbia — and called this “exclusion” Serbian “repression.”

But one wonders if there was not another, perhaps more appropriate way of expressing gratitude? Wouldn’t the name of the main boulevard in Pristina be enough? Kosovars are not the only one involved in this odd practice: several years ago Croats erected a statue to Hans-Dietrich Genscher, then the foreign minister of Germany, which recognised Croatian independence first.

Appropriateness and subtlety isn’t exactly the Albanian way when someone helps them do their killing. Isn’t Drakulic from the region while I’m not? Why do I know more about the Albanian mentality than she does? Especially since she sees enough of a parallel with how the Croatians behaved toward the Nazi — I mean, German — who revivied their Hitler state? Getting that big a prize — just like the U.S. resurrecting the Hitler-defined borders of Greater Albania — isn’t going to elicit a classy kind of thanks from the Nazis you just handed a victory to. The only people who are surprised by these over-the-top reactions are those who don’t realize what we’ve done. In Croatia, or in Kosovo.

There is something pathetic in building such monuments to living people today. It smacks of a long tradition of the personality cult during communism – a sad and (one would have hoped) outdated practice. In Clinton’s case, the statue is even gilded, as an angel in a church or Enver Hoxha, who also had a gilded statue in Tirana, a long time ago.

Aside from aesthetic and historical considerations, was the erection of the Clinton statue really a politically smart gesture now, when Serbia and Kosovo need to find a way of living together in a peaceful and civilised way? Albanians must be aware that, by engraving the date of the bombardment of Serbia, they could antagonise their neighbouring country – as well as their own Serbian minority. Paradoxically, it was Clinton himself who urged Kosovars to build a multiethnic country.

Apparently, Drakulic has missed the whole point of the new Kosovo — and of all the other monuments lining the “democratic” province — erected in honor of the terrorist heroes who slaughtered and dismembered the “multi” part of that phrase, but simply didn’t finish the job. Hence the “multi-ethnic” “country.” As for the “urging” that she attributes to Bill Clinton, apparently she doesn’t even know that this is just lip service so we can push through the supremacist Greater Albania agenda. As we know, the whole point of the NATO operation was to empty the place of Serbs. Unfortunately, nobody told the hapless NATO troops, who were and are caught in the middle trying to protect and resettle them and — alternately — keep them subdued when they start to resist their ill fate.

There is another nagging question: why does Clinton feel the need for this kind of worshipping? By accepting such a gesture, he only proved that his ego is at least the size of his statue. The former American president should have known better.

Has she never been introduced to the concept of Bill Clinton? Only NOW he proves the size of his ego to Ms. Drakulic? “He should have known better”? Whom is she talking about? Especially now, upstaged by a bigger, blacker and equally charismatic dictator aspirant, Bill needs worship even more than before. He’s sorely missing it. As I said in my recent video where I played Bill Clinton responding to Obama’s Nobel: “Norway, do you even have black people over there? Or is that why you’re kissing the asses of ours? Even Obama can see through it, you know. I mean, there’s only so much fawning a person can take. Unless you’re me, of course.”

So, Ms. Drakulic, allow me to introduce you to Bill Clinton. And to Albanians. Neither of which you seem to know anything about. To make the understatement of the century, they’re both kind of…well…tacky. So a golden statue showcasing the date of our ethnic cleansing of the “multi” part of the multi-ethnic society is actually quite appropriate for this tacky twosome. Welcome to the world, Ms. Drakulic.

A final note about the Clinton monument: I’d have thought that any statue of Bill Clinton would have been nude, no? Indeed, how can you erect a Bill Clinton statue without the erection?