Good for Debbie:

I Stick to My Guns: The Call from That Albanian Muslim Chick

I stick by my guns. (And I get upset when others do not. Especially the others who know better, but do it anyway.)

On Monday, I got a call from a woman with a thick accent. She told me she and her husband are both from Albania, that they’re looking for a lawyer to help them with immigration.

Me: Are you Muslim or Christian?

Albanian Chick: We are both Muslim.

At that point, I know for sure I’m not helping them. This is the only kind of Muslim I’ll help. Islam is at war with the West, at war with America, and I know on which side of that war I am.

We need less Muslims (from Albania or wherever else) in our country, not more. Do you have the magic decoder ring that tells you which Muslims will be like Nidal Malik Hasan and which won’t? I will not be helping to increase their presence…

Me: Are you here legally?

Albanian Chick: I have a U.S. passport, but my husband doesn’t. He snuck in here through Mexico.

Me: I’m sorry. I can’t help you. What’s wrong with your own country that you can’t live there? Why would you help a man enter our country illegally?

I could use the money, but I’m no whore. We need more criminals and followers of the religion of Nidal Malik Hasan in this country like a hole in the head. Sadly, this won’t be the end for this woman’s husband. I predict he’ll become a U.S. citizen pretty quickly. And that’s the problem.

Rather than America doing the right thing and stripping this woman of her citizenship for helping harbor an illegal alien, we’ll enable this situation. This woman will find some immigration lawyer to help her and her illegal alien husband. And they’ll find a way to adjust his status, so he can stay here, because he’s married to her, and our immigration laws allow this absurdity.

Say good-bye, America. Because there are plenty of lawyers who will help these people. And plenty of laws and bureaucracy, which will help them.

Let’s just recall that the Albanian Duka family, three of whose sons were among the plotters of the foiled Ft. Dix massacre of servicemen, came here via the Mexican border. And the Albanian Florin Krasniqi, America’s one-man KLA hub who smuggles American guns to kill Serbs and any internationals who get in the way — and whose cousin was a cop-killer in Kosovo — got here at the age of 18 in the trunk of a car, via the Mexican border.