David Yeagley is the great-great-grandson of Comanche leader Bad Eagle

Bad Eagle Takes on the Evil Double Eagle:

Bill Clinton Honored by anti-Christian Albanian Muslims

…The thieving Muslim masses of Kosovo have honored Clinton for his perceived loyalty to them, by naming a boulevard after him, and now hoisting an eleven-foot statue of him in downtown Pristina, capital of the Kosovo province.

The American government leaders since Clinton, have all promoted the independent nationhood of Kosovo. Why? Kosovo is a precious piece of land. The problem? Kosovo was owned by someone else. Kosovo is a province in Serbia. Kosovo is a special land, with special meaning to the Serbians. It is like the Black Hills of the Sioux, or Medicine Bluffs to the Comanche. The problem is, Albanian Muslims (along with Turks and Arabs) have been migrating into Kosovo for a long time, and now there are so many of them that they are the majority, and they are claiming this cherished land of Serbia as their own! Just by being there.

But their migration was encouraged. Their take-over was planned. Bill Clinton was a great supporter, all along. Under Clinton, NATO commander Gen. Wesley Clark bombed the daylights out of the Serbian Kosovites, destroying cities, civilians, and infrastructure. This was hailed as a wonderful accomplishment. The white, Christian Serbs were to be denigrated, destroyed, and displaced, while the great Liberal powers of the West would uplift, promote, protect, and deliever the tresspassing Muslims from Albania.

The whole world seemed anxious to honor the thieving Muslims, with the corruption, the cocaine [heroin]connections, the mineral wealth, and strategic advantages they would bring in Kosovo…And so now, the supreme evidence of the international travesty, a statue of Bill Clinton is displayed in Pristina, the “capital” of “Kosovo.” The disgusting betrayal of Serbia, by the West, by Bill Clinton, is ‘immortalized’ for all future generations. Like his successor, Barry “Obama” Soetoro, Bill idolizes himself, and much of his actions were about making history for himself, making a name for himself. Ah, but in the matter of Serbia, and the international alliance against Serbia, George Bush was no different. He visited Albania, where he was greeted with hysterical “rock star” enthusiasm.

BadEagle.com has always taken the side of the Serbians. To this day, we are bewildered at the betrayal which the United States government wreaked upon the nation of Serbia. In this strange case, it was only Russian Moscovites who seriously supported their linguistic cousins, the Serbians. So, what does this mean, the United States valued relations with Muslims more than Serbians? That the United States chose to side with the Muslims than be associated with Russia?

The Albanian Muslims who have moved into Kosovo have committed, openly, a war crime. They have robbed a nation of its land and its sovereignty. Of course, they could never have done this without the support of the United States, and the Muslims of neighboring nations. “Christian” Europe did not support Serbia. Why? Who knows? Most of Europe is Roman Catholic. Serbia is Orthodox (Eastern, Serbian Orthodox). Serbia stood completely alone. Even Russia’s support was ineffective.

It is a strange, blatant, egregious phenomenon in the modern world, that a civilized country of the West (Europe) could be robbed of its national land — in broad daylight. It is unforgivable, and unthinkable, that the United States would support such an international crime.

However, is it not unthinkable that Bill Clinton would snatch a permanent, historical ‘photo-op’ out if it. Personal glory was probably not his only motive, but, that’s the one that generally meant most to him, as it does to the even more vainglorious Barry “Obama” Soetero. This statue of Bill Clinton, in Pristina, is a monument not only to Bill Clinton’s unprincipled betrayal of Serbia, but the traitorous liberal attack on all things American. Never was there such a vomitable event in modern world history. Bill Clinton, associated with the American flag. Honored in the cesspool of Albanian Muslim stolen property, lauded in a political ghetto — of his own making. This is Bill Clinton.

And this is where America is. Still.

“Bill Clinton, in awe of himself, in the heart of illegitimacy: Kosovo”

Dr. Yeagley’s only limitation on this issue is revealed in a comment he posted under his column, which reads:

Generally, I have always been fascinated with Albania. It has been one of my favorites. So very unique.

However, the Islamic [episode] of its history brings a terrible blight upon an otherwise fascinating place, and a strangely beautiful people.

I blame Islam for this crisis, not Albania. When Islam controls, a people forget their nationhood, and all honor and dignity concomitant.

In fact, it is distinctly Albanianism that causes Albanians to behave as they do. The usurpation, the supremacy, the irrationality, the historical and intellectual dishonesty, the Albanian blood code with its honor killings — and at least a dozen other qualities that Albanianism shares with Islam — have been in the Albanian culture since well before Islam introduced itself to this people as the next avenue to promote Albanianism. Now, imagine Albanianism compounded by Islam. Well, we don’t have to imagine.

As for “fascinating” Albania, it was a key player in the Kosovo theft, without benefit of Islamic guidance — but always accepting its favors and benefits. Albania is as wily as Islam itself, and has always angled itself for the best possible position, devoid of any principles other than the promotion of Greater Albania. Albania accepted patronage from the Ottomans, then from Hitler, then from the Soviets, and now from us. Albanians’ Slav-killing never needed any additional fuel from their strategic adoption of Islam. But it certainly helped.

So you see, Albanians are incapable of forgetting their nationhood. They have never, and will never, forget who they are. And what they are is whatever you want them to be if you help promote Albanian supremacy.