I was wondering when we would start seeing this. Take a look at what one of Tiger’s ho’s is wearing on her head:

Thanks to reader Danny for alerting me. The photo is from a story in the National Enquirer, which of course has no clue what “UCK” is and therefore makes no mention of it in the article. The girl’s name is Rachel Uchitel, so she’s not Albanian. Which means that in the tradition of the gray Red Army trench coat fashion along with hammer & sickle paraphernalia; in the tradition of the Che Guevara fashion; in the tradition of the ubiquitous Jew-killer scarf fashion along with other PLO/Hamas/Hezbollah-inspired hoodies and masks, American youth now brings you new terror chic: the Serb-killer fashion. And it’s authentic — not even the Americanized “KLA” — but the actual Albanian acronym UCK, for the Ushtria Çlirimtare e Kosovës (Liberation Army of Kosovo).

Well at least we finally have some mainstream corroboration for what we already know: If the KLA has become a fashion for young Westerners — if the KLA is being celebrated by our youth — then we can point to this for the naysayers as proof of who, then, the enemy was and is in the Balkans.

In other words, the Balkans has just been explained for Americans.