Kosovo Police and KFOR Dog Handlers Make a Great Team in Joint Training

116th Public Affairs Detachment
Story by Sgt. Jill Fischer
Date: 01.01.2010

CAMP BONDSTEEL, Kosovo – K9 forces from all areas of Kosovo conducted Joint Action Training here recently to share experiences, information and ideas.

Joint Action Training creates bridges between different countries’ K9 handlers and also their dogs. This training is important to develop the dog handlers’ skills in detection of explosives, some that may not be readily available within their own countries.

It’s also important that the Kosovo Police K9 units be trained alongside KFOR in order to improve proficiencies so that they can take the lead on explosive detection missions.

Warrant Officer Lars Persson, a member of the European Rule of Law in Kosovo K9 Unit, has been training K9 handlers and their dogs in Kosovo for 11 months. He’ll be heading back to Sweden in early January.

During his time in Kosovo, he has worked with handlers from many nations, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland; Finnish Advisors, Kosovo Police, and other EULEX members.

Persson shares his knowledge with K9 handlers, while, at the same time, learning form them. He finds and develops new ways to train the K9 handlers and their dogs.

The training, which has been conducted every week since Persson arrived, is set up by the handlers. The training locations are rotated between different camps of participating NATO countries. […]

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