On Jan. 23rd an article written by Dan Diker, a senior foreign policy analyst at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, appeared in The Jerusalem Post. It was “based on the Jerusalem Viewpoints that was published at the Institute for Contemporary Affairs at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.” The piece was titled “Is Abbas Ignoring Israel and Eyeing Kosovo?” I wrote a letter to the editor at the Jerusalem Post, but probably too late, as it had been almost two weeks since the article ran. So here is what my letter said:

Dear Editor:

It’s a shame that in reaching for distinctions between the Israel and Kosovo cases Dan Diker writes that “there is no legal or historical comparison,” adding that a Palestinian unilateral declaration of independence would “violate internationally sanctioned agreements” between the two sides. As if UN Resolution 1244 reaffirming Serbian sovereignty over its Jerusalem (Kosovo) wasn’t violated by the Kosovo secession — a resolution that Kosovo-Albanians and their U.S. benefactors would dearly like everyone to forget indeed.

The example of Res. 1244 is in addition to the numerous 1998-99 internationally-mediated agreements that Serbia abided by while the Kosovo Liberation Army, now the “legitimate government” of Kosovo, reinforced its positions and proceeded with the violence, now with an upper hand gained by Serbian withdrawals.

Mr. Diker also writes that “mindful of Serbia’s indicted leaders Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic who had slaughtered thousands,” the Palestinians are delegitimizing Israel “as a lever to criminalize and isolate it in the international community.”

Precisely what the Bosnian-Muslims, Albanians, and Croatian Nazi-nostalgists successfully did to Serbia. Lamentably, Mr. Diker appears entirely credulous of the Muslim-originated Western narrative of Karadzic and Milosevic as butchers. In worrying about the petitions seeking the arrest of senior Israeli officials, Mr. Diker never stops to consider that perhaps Milosevic and Karadzic were similarly victims of propaganda that made its way directly from the Bosnian and Croatian Ministries of Information into our newspapers. Which allowed a replay in 1999 Kosovo, as the late Wall St. Journal reporter Daniel Pearl uncovered by the end of that year.

When it comes to the countless manufactured “Serbian crimes” — the reality behind which pales in comparison to the never-printed Albanian, Bosnian and Croatian crimes against Serbs — if Jews had maintained the healthy dose of skepticism they ask the world to maintain in hearing about the real and imagined “Israeli crimes against Palestinians,” Israel would not be in as dire a position as it finds itself today. A position from which otherwise vigilant people like Mr. Diker now have to work doubly hard to dig us out of.