Good relations between Serbia, US (Government of Serbia via Business News)

Belgrade, 18 Feb 2010 – Serbian Prime Minister Mirko Cvetkovic met today with US senators George Voinovich and Jeanne Shaheen and agreed with them that Serbia and the United States have developed good bilateral relations after US Vice President Joseph Biden’s successful visit to Serbia. […]

Actually, Serbia and the U.S. can’t have good relations until a high-level Serbian official declares that Joe Biden and his family all “should be placed into Nazi-style concentration camps.” Then, there can be good relations.

Since I’ve been keeping an informal log of evidence that Serbia remains open to friendship with the U.S. even as we keep kicking her, I’ll just link to a March 1999 NY Times piece titled “On Killing Serbs” by A.M. Rosenthal, where he wrote: “[I]f the air bombardment goes on, it will occur to [Americans] that down there on the ground getting killed are people called Serbs who never raised a finger against us, were once our allies and long to be allies again.”

Well, that never did occur to Americans, but the Serbs did — and all too much still do — long to be our allies.