In December I blogged about the contaminated camps in Kosovo, to which the Roma population was displaced in 1999. I noted that the writer of the UK Sun piece about it used the passive tense, not assigning a culprit to the “ethnic cleansing” in June, 1999 that forced the Roma from their homes, for example, in Kosovska Mitrovica. So readers naturally would assume it was the Serbs who cleansed the Roma and are responsible for their current predicament. At the time, I merely stated — based on numerous sources I’ve accumulated over the years — that the Roma were cleansed by Albanians, but a mainstream foreign source just this month said it outright. A Feb. 16 item in B92 about the halting by the European Council Human Rights Commissioner of forcible Roma returns to Kosovo closed with the following paragraphs:

In a report published last summer, Human Rights Watch said that the Roma district in the northern city of Kosovska Mitrovica was attacked by ethnic Albanians in June 1999.

“By June 24, the district had been looted and burned to the ground, and its 8,000 inhabitants had fled. Many were resettled by the UN in camps in a heavily contaminated area located near a defunct lead mine. The move was originally intended to be temporary, yet about 670 Roma still live in camps near the site, with damaging consequences for their health,” said the report.

Note that June, 1999 was already after the Albanians won their war. So why did the gypsies, of all people, still need to be cleansed? What was the real goal of that war?