Instead of all hell breaking loose and the editors being threatened with firing and I being unofficially banned from the paper — as usually happens when I write on the Balkans from a non anti-Serb perspective — there were just some mostly supportive comments posted under my piece, titled “The Blackmail of America.” The last line of my article quoted a Hungarian member of the European parliament saying that the reason we were rewarding Albanians with state power was that “we’re afraid of them.” Here are two semi-related comments to that line, from people who apparently have a little more of an inside view of our Kosovo machinations:

Posted by “lightdivision”:

I am a member of AFIO [Association of Former Intelligence Officers]. A couple of years ago the retired director of operations of the Hungarian Intelligence Service addressed our group. I asked about the kosovars. He said Hungary views them as a criminal tribe and that Hungary was adding new border police as fast as possible to protect the country from them. This is just another example of American ignorance getting us into a heap of garbage that is none of our business.

Note: Hungary recognized an independent Kosovo a month after the unilateral declaration, so picture this cartoon of European nations: feverishly promoting Kosovo independence, recognizing it almost immediately, then immediately running to reinforce their country’s borders to protect from the empowered Albanians. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Posted by Radem12:

…As mentioned by “lightdivision” and the Hungarian Intelligence Officer the Albanians are a criminal tribe. The countries bordering/near Albania/Kosovo have experienced this criminal tribe like noone else, Hungary, Italy and even in the USA. The FBI has recently announced that ethnic Albanian gangs, including immigrants from Kosovo, are replacing the Italian La Cosa Nostra mafia as the leading mafia in the USA. Noone seems to realise that the Albanians won’t stop at Kosovo, this is just a stepping stone, next will be Southern Serbia, Greece, Macedonia etc… It seems that the Albanians don’t value life like the rest of us, they multiply like rabbits literally, have no discipline and don’t really care. Who in the world allows their children to stone the elderly and attack graves/churches? The Western support will back fire, as mentioned by Julia once the Albanians don’t get what they want they will turn. This day is coming very soon, especially when the ICJ votes in Serbia’s favour!

(Post script: Naturally, the ICJ — International Court of Justice — found a way around voting in Serbia’s favor, thereby buying us a little more “peace in our time.”)