It’s not an easy task for any ethnicity to do, and you may take offense at how he does it, but this Catholic Albanian priest in Detroit makes some important and difficult points for Albanians to take. Four days after a plot against soldiers at Ft. Dix was revealed in May, 2007 — one that included four Albanians — Father Anton Kcira said the following, in a video that only became available last week. Thanks to Mickey at Serbianna:

1. Kosovo Albanians do a disservice in representing Albanians.
2. Kosovo did not/does not deserve independence from Belgrade. (Here people start exiting the room immediately.)
3. “America, with its kind heart” was wrong to support this.
4. There are many more like the Ft. Dix jihadists, “including here in Detroit.”
5. Not enough Muslims or Albanians condemned the plot.
6. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, get out.

May God protect him.


The video below has been removed, no doubt because viewers weren’t taking it the way the person who posted it intended — that is, they weren’t coming away critical of the priest. Mickey managed to download the video in time, so his appears below the defunct youtube version: