…the mainstream news picks up on the boldness — and insolence toward our masters– and demands that the hero apologize and be “disciplined.” Below is some hack, grind, mainstream journalist’s report on this “shocking” video, in the Detroit News — with my translations.

Notice what the very tone of the title reveals: While a person from the community/ethnicity that Americans insist on being dumb about is TELLING us that these people were *not* the victims they claimed to be and that we’ve done something policy-wise that is not only self-destructive but destructive to the maturation of the Albanian community, here comes the mainstream media to *correct* the man about his fellow countrymen, and keep steering you wrong.

With video: Catholic priest called ethnic war victims ‘dogs’

Local religious leaders upset by videotaped remarks against Bosnia, Kosovo populations

by Oralandar Brand-Williams

Rochester Hills — A local Catholic priest is at the center of an international controversy after a tape of him calling victims of a massacre during President Slobodan Milosevic’s regime “dogs” went viral.

The Rev. Anton Kcira, pastor of St. Paul Albanian Catholic Church, is seen in a 2007 videotape making offensive remarks in Albanian about people killed during the reign of former Serbian and Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic, who was accused of genocide of Bosnian Muslims and Albanians in Kosovo.

Accused of. And apparently still being accused, despite both charges being officially disproved as propaganda.

The videotape was recently released by an unidentified person who shot it at an event in Metro Detroit in 2007 attended by Albanian-Americans.

In the video, Kcira says, with English subtitles, “Milosevic should have done to the 1,900,000 dogs in Kosovo what he did to the 260,000 dogs in Srebrenica.”

Local Muslim activists say the remarks are references to crimes against the Muslim population of Bosnia and the majority Muslim population of Kosovo.

Well, the priest is Albanian, after all, and therefore wouldn’t have heard (i.e. would have blocked out) the fact that the 260,000 figure of Bosnian War dead has been reduced to 100,000, and it includes deaths on all sides. He’s using the word “Srebrenica” as short-hand for the overall war casualties, since Srebrenica only held 40,000 people to begin with. Eighty percent of whom survived, including the women and children who were bussed out to safety with Bosnian-Serb help. Now that’s a good deal for a “genocide.” Especially if you still get to vote after you’re dead, as 3,000 of the supposed “8,000 slaughtered men and boys” did. (The military records of 70% of the 8,000 “genocided civilians” survive as well.)

Kcira was recorded shortly after the arrests of three ethnic Albanian men who were charged with and later convicted in a plot to attack the military base in Fort Dix, N.J.

The baby journalist couldn’t even get this right! There were four Albanians arrested, not three. The one named Agron Abdullahu — who was not one of the three little filthy Duka brothers that my friend had the pleasure of growing up around — was ultimately brought up only on gun charges, since he *merely* provided the guns to the would-be Ft. Dix terrorists. (He also assured prosecutors and investigators that he did express some slight disapproval to the brothers about their plan to massacre U.S. soldiers at Ft. Dix, where he was given refuge after coming here in 1999. But apparently he didn’t disapprove enough to turn them in, even anonymously.)

In the tape Kcira appears frustrated that the three men have betrayed the United States by planning a terrorist attack on a U.S. military base.

The Archdiocese of Detroit was contacted recently by many in the Albanian community about Kcira’s remarks.

“The Archdiocese did look into the situation and Father Kcira himself took another look at the tape,” said Joe Kohn, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Detroit, which planned to release a videotaped apology by Kcira on Friday night to YouTube.

Kcira did not return phone calls from The Detroit News.

In a text of the archdiocese videotape, Kcira says he used “provocative names” to describe the massacre victims.

“That wasn’t right,” he says. “That was my anger talking … not my heart.”

Kcira further adds: “In expressing my anger, I used what an English teacher would call hyperbole, an exaggeration used for effect … to make my point.”

Kohn added that Kcira, who has been pastor of St. Paul’s Albanian Catholic Church for the past two decades, has done a lot of work in the Albanian community and has “earned the respect” of Albanians across interfaith lines.

Dawud Walid, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Michigan said Kcira owes the Albanian- Muslim community in Metro Detroit an apology and that actions should be taken against the priest by his superiors.

“He should be sanctioned for this irreligious speech,” said Walid. “We’ve received complaints about him before going back to 2008.”

Walid added that “in no way do we think this one pastor represents the sentiments of the Archdiocese of Detroit.”

“We’ve always had good relations with them,” added Walid.

Of course the Muslims have good relations with the Catholic Church! The two have a longtime alliance in Slav-killing/Orthodox-killing, and of course Jew-killing, particularly in Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia (with regard to the former). This is a mere blip on the otherwise undisturbed continuum of solid relations and co-agendas, just as Pope Benedict’s 2006 “oops” was when he quoted a medi-eval text explaining what Islam really is. Such little blips soon fade into oblivion as the Catholic Church and Islam re-commit to good relations and cooperation. Until it’s time to turn on each other, of course.

Imam Shuaib Gerguri of the Albanian American Muslim Society of Detroit, based in Harper Woods, said, “People are angry (over Kcira’s remarks) and it’s not just Muslims.”

That’s right! Dhimmis are angry too! We won’t put up with unruly people spreading this kind of truth about our masters! String him up by the thumbs! May our bottomless indignation echo throughout the world, so our masters might see that we are behaving properly.

“I’m trying to understand myself what people did to him for him to call them dogs,” said Gerguri, who said he had close family members and friends who were killed by the Milosevic regime.

Translation: Gerguri’s relatives were KLA terrorists. And the reporter has no idea that this is what Gerguri has just revealed.

Gerguri urged Kcira to apologize as soon as possible.

“This kind of language is unaccepted by any religion,” Gerguri said.

UPDATE: In his written apology to our mutual Muslim masters, Father Kcira does express support for “our independence” — that is, the common dream of both Muslim and Catholic Albanians for Kosovo independence. So he thinks inside his skin after all, and this means that my interpretation of his words — “this is a tragedy, America with its ample heart…” — was not referring to the tragedy for Albanians (and the world) of Kosovo independence but to the Ft. Dix plot, which was a betrayal of America’s ample heart.

OK, then. Still looking for an Albanian with his/her own brain. Oh wait a second. Except for one very cool Christian Orthodox Albanian chick I know, and the Orthodox Albanian who comes to the Kosovo churches to pray with “my Serbian brothers” (featured in this DVD series), they’re all either dead or biting their tongues. But sometimes it only takes someone of mixed blood. An interesting letter from 2007 by a gentleman who is half-Albanian and half-Montenegrin to come…