This is the point of the below, in a nutshell. From Nebojsa Malic:

The Ustasha sought to counter the horrors of their genocide by claiming that “Serb Commies” slaughtered 60,000 of them at the end of the war, and calling this the “Stations of the Cross.” Revolting, ugly stuff. So now the Muslims are trying to make Srebrenica into a genocide, so they can cover up their own Nazi ties - and also their 1990s jihad - and shift the blame onto the Serbs. And Bleiburg provided them with an inspiration.

Blogger Nebojsa Malic, who lived through the Bosnian war, posted a very sharp column today that demonstrates the parallel between the memorial to the “8,000” Srebrenica “victims” and the memorial at Bleiburg. The 1945 Bleiburg memorial is a monument to the fleeing Croatian/Bosnian Nazis (”Ustashas”) who were killed by Tito’s Partisans at the end of the war. It was an attempt by the surviving Ustashas to hide their Hitler-aligned genocide of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies, by accusing the Partisans of a “greater” crime – the massacre of Nazis and their sympathizers. The image below shows the Croatian-Nazi flag on the memorial stone, alongside the Muslim crescent/star — as victims in WW2. Malic explains how the Srebrenica memorial attempts pervert history in the same way that the Bleiburg memorial did. (The Srebrenica memorial is in a nearby town called Potocari).

Bleiburg in Potocari