World War II hero Arthur Jibilian, the sailor who stepped up to risk his life as an OSS radioman in the rescue of hundreds of downed U.S. pilots from behind enemy lines, passed away yesterday, Sunday March 21, 2010.

Soon after, he was partying so hard with his beloved friends, Serbian general Dragoljub Mihailovic and U.S. Major Richard Felman, that I could hear them as I tried to fall asleep last night — all the way from Paradise’s highest plane, commonly known as Heaven.

No doubt Jibby will continue his fight to let the world know the meaning of the name Draza Mihailovic, with even greater effectiveness, from where he is now.

Aleksandra Rebic, a writer and daughter of a Serbian-American military veteran, gave Art a nice tribute on her blog, including these pictures of what I believe to be physically the most adorable man I’ve ever seen:

Arthur and Aleksandra

Arthur “Jibby” Jibilian: April 30, 1923 - March 21, 2010