This is just a note to any readers of Connecticut Jewish Ledger, who may have caught the printed edition of my article there, “Rewriting History in the Balkans.” Among the more glaring factual errors that worked themselves into the article in the editing process — and which I was not given time to correct — was the statement that there were “200″ Jews in Albania after WWII. In fact, this is how many Jews were in Albania before the war. There were more than 2,000 afterwards.

Although the editing process resulted in other problems as well, the only other thing I’ll mention is that I would not have included the blanket statement, “Albanians as a people did not act honorably while Serbs did.” Serbs as a people most certainly did act honorably, but to say that “as a people” Albanians did not is too generalistic.

The piece as I fixed it now appears on the paper’s website.