According to a Kosovo newspaper, around May 21st, five Wahhabis were arrested in Prizren — five Bosnians and two Albanians. They had beat up a tax inspector because he was giving out bibles. In the end they got slap-on-the-wrist 30-day sentences each.

Flashback to 2006 (just eight years into the infiltration and entrenchment of radical Islamic activities in Kosovo):

Independent academic experts on Kosovo are highly sceptical of the notion that a new state would provide Islamist extremists with a foothold on the edge of Europe. — Financial Times, Oct. 2006

In a related update, Chris Deliso, who covers the Balkans, says “the participation, albeit small, of some local Muslims in the recent attempt to break the Gaza sea blockade is an item of concern among some Western security services.

According to Deliso, “part of the concern is that these numbers might increase if further promised blockade-busting voyages occur. However, thus far there has been little stated concern among Western officials, perhaps partially because the event is low on the radar as of now.”