Last week I blogged about the radical Islam that, thanks to our interventions in the Balkans, has entrenched itself in Kosovo and is now proceeding according to plan. That is, targeting not the Christians whom we helped them target originally, but the ultimately intended victims: the area’s non-radicalized Muslims. I also mentioned the connection of this trend to the participation of Albanians on the Gaza Flotilla.

The very day that I posted these items, there was a new blog acknowledging the same problem — from none other than the Weekly Standard’s Stephen “Suleyman Ahmad al-Kosovi” Schwartz. Schwartz spent the 1990s making radicalization of the Balkans inevitable by shilling for the “national” interests of the nominal Muslims there — who surely would be immune to the radicals we were infesting the region with!

An excerpt:

From Kosovo to Gaza
BY Stephen Schwartz, June 9, 2010

Kosovo media have reported that an Islamist ideologue from that country, Fuad Ramiqi, was among the participants in the ill-fated attempt to break Israel’s naval blockade at Gaza. Ramiqi was joined by three Albanian Muslims from Macedonia — Sami Emini, Jasmin Rexhepi, and Sead Asipi.

Fuad Ramiqi is the representative in Kosovo of the European Muslim Network, a fundamentalist organization…Ramiqi, a soldier in the Yugoslav army who joined the Bosnian army during the 1992-95 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina, runs his own Brotherhood franchise, the Muslim Forum of Kosovo (MFK), created in 2006.

Late in May, local police rounded up five Wahhabis…in the environs of the Kosovo city of Prizren. The Islamist suspects included three Bosnian Muslims…and two Kosovars…According to a Bosnian Islamist web report, the police action was officially described as a response to an assault by the five Wahhabis on a Kosovo government employee who distributed the Bible to his neighbors during his off hours…Wahhabi attacks on individuals, including another Christian, have made headlines across Kosovo throughout the past two years.

Confrontations between Wahhabi intruders and local Muslims have been visible in all the Western Balkan countries, including Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania. The presence of three Macedonian Albanians at the scene of the Gaza bloodshed is unsurprising to observers of Islam in the Balkans, since Macedonian Muslims have succumbed almost totally to the influence of Arab money. The pattern of unwanted radical immigration into the Balkans continues. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty last month reported…that Wahhabis have disrupted Islamic religious life in the resort town of Ulcinj, on the Montenegrin coast near the northern border of Albania…Leaders of the official and moderate Islamic religious community in the town complained to local media as well as RFE/RL that Wahhabis had threatened and physically attacked local imams, and invaded administrative meetings…

Mustafa Canka, a Muslim journalist from Ulcinj, blamed Islamic officials for “institutional weakness, idleness and neglect, based on personal interests and selfishness.” He described the local Muslims as afflicted by “disorientation, inadequate response to contemporary problems, and ignorance.”…He said the radicals now have many supporters, but that their influence will not endure. He repeated his criticism of local Muslim religious functionaries, who he said were trained in the local form of Islam and did not recognize the danger when they “opened the door wide” to radical newcomers. […]

In response to this Jewish Muslim and patron saint of Balkans Islam, Jim Jatras questioned why radical Islam only becomes a problem when the local Muslims start suffering from it — but not while we’re helping to put the local non-Muslims under the rule of the Muslims? Indeed, what we were doing to Balkans Christians while furthering the Muslim causes in the region was never of any concern to the shameless al-Kosovi Schwartz.

Jatras added:

What’s amazing is that he can peddle this swill to dumb-ass Americanos who will read it, nod their heads about all this worrying “Islamism” (imported, mind you) without ever asking:

1. How come nobody worries about importing “Islamism”…among non-Muslims — just Muslims?

2. Might this be less of a problem if the West (mainly the US) had not placed Muslims in political power in Bosnia and Kosovo, at the expense of their Christian neighbors?

3. [Weren’t] people like Mr Schwartz, now gravely warning of the “Islamist” danger, enthusiastic advocates of Item 2, above?

Even more richly, in a Tuesday debate about the Ground Zero mosque on “Russia Today,” Stephen Schwartz was listed as a moderate Muslim who has publicly voiced his opposition to the mosque. Opponents of the Ground Zero mosque view it as a sort of flag marking an area of conquest.

Ah. So as usual, it’s good for the Serbs but not good for Americans.

Because if the subject is monuments to conquest — and on sacred ground — please consider the countless statues, monuments and street names dotting the landscape of the conquered Serbian holy land of Kosovo — tributes to the killers of Serb civilians and Albanian “collaborators” who merely sold groceries to Serbs or were married to them. These fallen KLA “heroes” and fathers of a Muslim Albanian Kosovo are memorialized everywhere, along with international politicians who helped make it happen (streets are named after Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Bob Dole, Eliot Engel, Wesley Clark, George W. Bush, Madeleine Albright, Tony Blair, and ex-ambassador/CIA operative William Walker).

Such are the indignities to be suffered by the conquered non-Albanians, with the ominous red and black double-headed eagle flag of Albania being flown all over Kosovo, and KLA insignias everywhere. Such is the land where minorities are to feel “safe,” as an independent analysis by some rogue UN observers warned in 2007, concluding that granting independence would be an irresponsible act (the recommendation was superseded by the unilateral declaration a few months later):

…[T]he international community has failed to protect non-Albanian language rights and [has] allowed the flag of the Republic of Albania to fly on most public institutions since 1999. In their report’s conclusion, the UN officers point out that the Pristina sports stadium is emblazoned with “an enormous picture of an armed, bearded, combat-uniformed KLA leader.” Such an image, they argue, runs counter to the UN’s original mission of making Kosovo a secure environment for all residents. Failure to remove the provocative poster demonstrates that the international community is in fact “bowing to the dictates of extremists and warlords.”

That comes from a 2008 interview with Canadian military reporter Scott Taylor, who in a subsequent article underscored that the KLA’s “dubious martial accomplishments include the widespread murder of Serbian civilians and Albanian collaborators after NATO entered the province and became responsible for security. Nevertheless, there are innumerable monuments all over Kosovo to honour these ‘heroes’ and ‘martyrs.’ Given that this conflict in Kosovo was a bloody inter-ethnic civil war, and the fact that the original NATO mandate was to provide a safe environment for all Kovoso minorities, many international observers recognize that these monuments to KLA fighters only serve to intimidate non-Albanians.”

Intimidation. Precisely the point of the Ground Zero mosque. Yet what could Americans expect to happen when they raised no concerted objection — and continue to raise no objection — to our leaders doing this very thing to other Christian nations? Remember, what we’re doing with Kosovo is still reversible, with only 69 recognitions out of 192 UN members (35.94%) so far approving of the independence that would enshrine and legitimize this international crime engineered to win over Greater Islam.

Like many others, even while fretting about the Islamization that has been the result of supporting the violent Albanian national cause, Schwartz continues to support that cause.

As Peter Worthington, an early detector of the Kosovo fraud, wrote last year in the Edmonton Sun, supporters of the Kosovo war should be embarrassed. Instead, they shamelessly continue talking and writing about this issue. Suleyman al-Kosovi Schwartz is in no position to still be flapping his gums instead of feeling like the useful idiot that he is.

Does the Weakly Standard have any idea that the man whose Balkans writings it promotes is a fraud? I realize that the term “neocon,” at least in my interpretation of it, means one who takes a longer time to appreciate reality, but this is ridiculous.

But then, we’re always in a vacuum when the subject concerns Serbs. Why, that wasn’t Islamism — merely Albaniansism, and necessarily the result of something the Serbs themselves must have caused. Much like the way people view the so-called Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (And never mind that Islam and Albanianism have innumberable uncanny similarities.)

If the Ground Zero mosque goes ahead, Americans will get the slightest sense of what it feels like to be a Serb living on Serbian land, occupied by one’s tormentors. Some might call it poetic justice. I call it the logical conclusion of Western policies in the Balkans, where the demise of the Free World was sealed by our own hand. What we did to Balkans Christianity when we joined the jihad against it on five fronts was the beginning of the end for all of us.