In a post last week about an Albanian mass killer at a Finnish shopping mall, I mentioned that a British news channel (whose identity I’m trying to ascertain) referred to the perpetrator as a “Serb Kosovan.” Thanks to my source on this, “Serbstvo,” we have the actual video of the reporter saying this. Not the anchorwoman, but the male reporter in the field (whose name I could only discern as Roger Thomas) made the “mistake” even though the shooter’s name is clearly Ibrahim Shkupolli. Thomas isn’t even tipped off by the very next frame of his package after his mis-identification, which goes to a Shkupolli cousin in Kosovo, whose first name is “Islam.”

Yet these not-quite-subtle clues did not help the clueless/brainwashed dhimmi dummy Thomas with properly identifying the ethnicity of the shooter. Nor did anyone at the network pick up on the glaring error before airing.


With thanks to Danny: The British news station responsible is Channel 4, and the broadcast can still be viewed at this direct link. Isn’t British Channel 4 the same one that has broadcast a Muslim woman in a Niqab giving the annual alternative Christmas message, as well as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad doing the same? The reporter’s name is Andrew Thomas.