If, on Sept. 12, 2001, I’d gone around telling people that in a few years we were going to hand major port security and operations over to the United Arab Emirates, they would have told me I was certifiable. If I had then told them that a few years later, the proposed memorial for the victims of Flight 93 would be in the shape of an Islamic crescent, they would have shipped me off to a sanitarium. If I then proceeded to tell them that a couple years after that plans would be approved for a mosque to be built yards from Ground Zero, they would have lobotomized me. If I also announced that in the midst of all this we would elect someone named “Hussein” president, they would have slipped a razor into my cell and turned a blind eye while I did us all a favor.

Did you ever wonder if the unimaginable arch of events that we’ve witnessed since 9/11 weren’t just a movie that we’re in, at the end of which the main character (us) finds out he’s crazy?

I believe we’re lobotomized.

Except for Staten Islanders. That convent-to-mosque conversion ain’t happening anytime soon. Italian-Americans don’t take much crap from outsiders, and Staten Island is where folks had no problem booing Muslims to their faces at a community meeting three weeks ago and where one woman asked the dais of Muslims point-blank: “Wouldn’t you agree that every terrorist, past and present, has come out of a mosque?”

I recently made the point that Americans who are offended by the idea of Islam marking its area of conquest with this mosque, are getting the slightest sense of what it is to be a Serb living in Kosovo, where monuments to Serb-killers dot the landscape. In this wonderful video of Pamela Geller’s anti-Ground-Zero-Mosque event on June 6, one speaker after another takes exception to New York politicians predictably calling opponents of the mosque “bigots.” (Because that’s easier to do than actually go up against the Muslims.) But I would remind my fellow Americans that we called the Serbs bigots when they dared fight back against Islamic supremacy and deadly bullying. The Serbs were painted as the supremacists, a reputation that remains intact today and why you never see the word “Serb” without the word “nationalist.” To this day, no one speaks against this. And so we see the result: “First, they came for the Serbs…”

When debating the invaders/body-snatchers about this mosque on radio or TV (or in any other setting), I would advise opponents of the mosque to point to the Muslim Festival of, I believe, 2008 — which was essentially a march through Manhattan ending at Union Square. Union Square was then occupied by praying Muslims in a very hostile way, conveying precisely a message of occupation to New Yorkers. It is with the demeanor of occupiers — not multiculturalists — that the Muslims will be going in and out of the Ground Zero Mosque. (Here are pictures from the most recent occupation-of-Manhattan-for-a-day.)

And when my pal Pamela Geller debates dingbats like Joy Behar (”debates” because these supposed “neutral” moderators uniformly end up taking the pro-mosque position of the other debater), she might find she can illuminate such twit brains — who insist that “extremists” and “Muslims” are two different things and that mosque-building is unrelated to terrorism — by asking them to consider whether it’s mere coincidence that the mosque-building frenzy and ascendant Islam are taking place simultaneously with the rise in extremism and terror.