But Bosnia will NEVER be “like that”! Ever notice how everything we touch turns to Islam? I guess the U.S. motto is: “If you can’t Supersize it, Islamicize it!”

From Serbianna:

Bosnian Sharia Police breaks man’s skull (July 15, 2010)

Bosnian Muslim couple, Minel and Martina, were attacked in their car by a mob of Bosnian Muslims who idetify themselves as the Sharia Police.

Minel and Martina were in their car when a two dozen – or so – Bosnian Muslims, witnesses say, attacked their car and begun beatng on it, while others beat the Muslim man whose head was later stitched in the hospital.

Minel and Martina were in their car in the city of Mostar when shouts “C’mon, C’mon… Hit them, Hit them” were suddenly shouted and 2 dozen Muslim men attacked them.

The woman, in fear, was dragged away while the man was being beaten.

During the beating of the man, a Muslim in the group shot from the gun. Police has found 7.65 mm discard[ed].

Police says that this is the first time that they have seen the action of the so-called Sharia Police in Mostar.

The Sharia Police group appeared in 2006 when the media noted that groups of Muslims were chasing away romantically involved couples. Modelled after the Saudi State agency, this Police is interested in “promotion of Islamic virtue and suppression of vice.”

After all ethnic Serbs have been killed in Mostar, the city is divided between the Croat and Bosnian Muslim half.

Bosnian Croats are subserviant to Bosnain Muslims who rule over Croats.

Some Bosnian Croats want their own entity inside Bosnia.