I recently wrote two blogs concerning the depiction of Serbs in the movies. One thing I didn’t spell out about exploding or poison-gas toys being attributed to Serbs in “The Rock” when in reality they were found in a Bosnian-Muslim terror training camp, is that Hollywood’s “Serbs” generally do things that have been done TO Serbs in actuality. Which is how Nebojsa Malic put it to me today in an email. He then pointed to his 2002 article “Images Worth a Thousand Lies,” illustrating another example of this, in which a Serbian orphan rescued from Sarajevo by a journalist became a Muslim orphan in the movie version, titled “Welcome to Sarajevo.”

Also thanks to Nebojsa’s article, I learned that the advocacy journalists who dominated Balkans reporting throughout the 90s were actually being accused by Muslims and their open advocates of indifference and not doing enough to help the Muslims. This is a striking parallel to what we hear from the Arab and Muslim world with regard to the Western “pro-Israeli” media. A few years ago I finally understood what Muslims meant by calling their advocates in the Western media “pro-Israel”: If the journalists aren’t picking up weapons on behalf of the Palestinians (as this one all but did in Bosnia) nor even openly calling for the destruction of Israel, that can only mean they are “pro-Israel.” And so you see, in Muslim eyes, all those anti-Serb pack journalists were actually pro-Serb. After all, they didn’t kill a single Serb themselves.

(At least we had the female Croatian journalist mentioned here to rectify that!)

As for my other recent Serbs-in-the-movies blog, the one about Angelina Jolie’s upcoming directorial debut, in which a Serb rapes a Bosnian-Muslim woman and then the two fall in love, I had commented that it sounded like a departure from the usual, since there would have to be something redeemable about the Serb for this to happen. The obvious hadn’t occurred to me, but it was pointed out to me by “Serbstvo,” who sent me the item initially: “Quite simple really. The Serbian soldier, ashamed of his army and country, abandons his unit and joins the Muslim cause, falls in love with the girl, converts to Islam, and becomes the most passionate soldier in the Bosnian army.”

So it’s no departure at all, of course. As Serbstvo also wrote:

In fact, I think it’s the most despicable. I believe you might have missed the part I took from the Serbian article… “Da podsetimo, scenario Anđelininog filma je skandalozan - u jednoj sceni prikazuje se grupa od dvadesetak Srba, uzrasta od dečaka do penzionera, koji siluju lepu i mladu muslimanku dok srpske žene navijaju sa strane, a u drugoj sceni poludeli srpski vojnik odseca dojku silovanoj muslimanki i onda je besno grize!”

It roughly translates: “The scenario of Angelina’s film is scandalous where in one scene, twenty Serbs, aging from boys to pensioners, are shown raping a beautiful young Muslim girl while the Serbian women nearby are watching and cheering the men on. In another scene, a lunatic Serbian soldier cuts off the breast of a raped Muslim woman and furiously bites into it.