Dutch government helping pay for Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero — with Dutch taxpayer money

… “‘Netherlands Subsidising Mosque by Ground Zero,’” from NIS News, July 21 (thanks to Fjordman):

AMSTERDAM, 21/07/10 - The Party for Freedom (PVV) is demanding clarification by the Dutch government regarding reports that the Netherlands is co-financing the construction of a mosque a stone’s throw away from Ground Zero in New York with 1 million dollars of Dutch taxpayers’ money.

On the foreign ministry’s website, it says that a subsidy of 1 million dollars has been awarded to the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA). This organisation is, in partnership with the Islamic organisation Cordoba Initiative, responsible for the Islamic centre including a mosque, costing 100 million dollars, to be built near Ground Zero.

The PVV is demanding an explanation and terms the plans to build a mosque right next to Ground Zero absurd and an insult to relatives of the thousands of victims who lost their lives on 11 September 2001. The party wants the subsidy to ASMA to be withdrawn immediately.

Personally, I think this is wonderful. Not only is the United States the biggest pusher for getting Turkey into the EU, but American lawmakers have been openly calling for a heightened Islamic presence in Europe for years. Who can forget the late senator Tom Lantos’s bipartisan-supported words in April 2007:

Just a reminder to the predominantly Muslim-led government[s] in this world that here is yet another example that the United States leads the way for the creation of a predominantly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe. This should be noted by both responsible leaders of Islamic governments, such as Indonesia, and also for jihadists of all color and hue. The United States’ principles are universal, and in this instance, the United States stands foursquare for the creation of an overwhelmingly Muslim country in the very heart of Europe.

I would also be remiss in not mentioning the million-dollar memorial on Bosnian-Serb land, which was financed by US taxpayers and dedicated to the killers of those Balkans infidels. Here is the infidel president of Serbia, Boris Tadic, last month bowing his head in repentance before the defeated killers of his fellow infidels:

(Note: For the following day’s memorial ceremony for Serbs killed in the Srebrenica vicinity and beyond — which the Serbs alone commemorate — only a Tadic adviser showed up.)

But my point today about the Dutch helping fund the Ground Zero Mosque is: What’s good for the goose…

Not that our leaders are complaining about the mosque here, mind you, so at least they’re consistent. But anyone who is complaining should have spoken up about what we’ve been doing to the infidels of the Balkans. On that subject, perhaps the Dutch payback also has something karmic to do with this:

America used Islamists to arm the Bosnian Muslims
The Srebrenica report reveals the Pentagon’s role in a dirty war

by Richard J Aldrich, The Guardian, Monday 22 April 2002

The official Dutch inquiry into the 1995 Srebrenica massacre, released last week, contains one of the most sensational reports on western intelligence ever published. Officials have been staggered by its findings and the Dutch government has resigned. One of its many volumes is devoted to clandestine activities during the Bosnian war of the early 1990s. For five years, Professor Cees Wiebes of Amsterdam University has had unrestricted access to Dutch intelligence files and has stalked the corridors of secret service headquarters in western capitals, as well as in Bosnia, asking questions.

…Now we have the full story of the secret alliance between the Pentagon and radical Islamist groups from the Middle East designed to assist the Bosnian Muslims - some of the same groups that the Pentagon is now fighting in “the war against terrorism”.

The result was a vast secret conduit of weapons smuggling though Croatia. This was arranged by the clandestine agencies of the US, Turkey and Iran, together with a range of radical Islamist groups, including Afghan mojahedin and the pro-Iranian Hizbullah. Wiebes reveals that the British intelligence services obtained documents early on in the Bosnian war proving that Iran was making direct deliveries.

Arms purchased by Iran and Turkey with the financial backing of Saudi Arabia made their way by night from the Middle East. Initially aircraft from Iran Air were used, but as the volume increased they were joined by a mysterious fleet of black C-130 Hercules aircraft. The report stresses that the US was “very closely involved” in the airlift. Mojahedin fighters were also flown in, but they were reserved as shock troops for especially hazardous operations.

Light weapons are the familiar currency of secret services seeking to influence such conflicts. The volume of weapons flown into Croatia was enormous, partly because of a steep Croatian “transit tax”. Croatian forces creamed off between 20% and 50% of the arms. The report stresses that this entire trade was clearly illicit. The Croats themselves also obtained massive quantities of illegal weapons from Germany, Belgium and Argentina - again in contravention of the UN arms embargo. The German secret services were fully aware of the trade.

Rather than the CIA, the Pentagon’s own secret service was the hidden force behind these operations. The UN protection force, UNPROFOR, was dependent on its troop-contributing nations for intelligence, and above all on the sophisticated monitoring capabilities of the US to police the arms embargo. This gave the Pentagon the ability to manipulate the embargo at will: ensuring that American Awacs aircraft covered crucial areas and were able to turn a blind eye to the frequent nightime comings and goings at Tuzla.

Weapons flown in during the spring of 1995 were to turn up only a fortnight later in the besieged and demilitarised [sic: it was never de-militarized] enclave at Srebrenica. When these shipments were noticed, Americans pressured UNPROFOR to rewrite reports, and when Norwegian officials protested about the flights, they were reportedly threatened into silence. […]

One doesn’t want to leave the subject before pointing to a telling paragraph that appeared in the same piece:

…James Woolsey, director of the CIA until May 1995, had increasingly found himself out of step with the Clinton White House over his reluctance to develop close relations with the Islamists. The sentiments were reciprocated. In the spring of 1995, when the CIA sent its first head of station to Sarajevo to liaise with Bosnia’s security authorities, the Bosnians tipped off Iranian intelligence. The CIA learned that the Iranians had targeted him for liquidation and quickly withdrew him.

So the same Bosnian Muslims whose jihad we were so desperately helping wage, and whose “genocide” we’ve bullied ourselves into commemorating — no less by an official act of the United States Congress — in the midst of all this was helping target our officials for assassination.

This is in addition to Hasan Cengic, member of Bosnia’s “Party of Democratic Action,” having helped fund the 9/11 attacks.

And that’s without even mentioning the Bosnian passports found in a house in Kabul that was being used by fleeing Taliban, according to a Nov. 21 2001 AP report. Or the Kabul mansion where U.S. troops found Bosnian-drawn blueprints for an Oklahoma City-style bomb.

Related is this report from September 17, 2003:

Bosnian Official Links With Terrorism, Including 9/11, Become Increasingly Apparent as Clinton, Clark Attempt to Justify Support of Bosnian Militants

…A series of documents, just acquired by GIS/Defense & Foreign Affairs Daily, highlight the links between radical Islamists in key positions in the Government of Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H) and known and suspected Islamists with terrorist links. Significantly, one of the key Bosnian Islamist officials, Huso (he later called himself Hussein) Zivalj, was B-H Ambassador to the United Nations during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on New York. He arrived just before the attacks and left the post shortly thereafter.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the movement of Zivalj to the New York post just before (and his departure just after) the September 11, 2001, attacks was not coincidental.

Significantly, the clarity of the links between the Bosnian Islamists and anti-US terrorism is now becoming apparent at a time when former US President William Clinton and his former military appointee and Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Gen. Wesley Clark (now a Democratic Party presidential aspirant for the US 2004 elections), have begun moves to justify their military support for Bosnian and Kosovo Islamists….

Zivalj had earlier — between 1992 and 1995 — been B-H Ambassador to Vienna, Austria. At that time, he approved a significant number of visas and passports to radical Islamists of non-Bosnian origin. He then went on to be Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the most senior Muslim position in the Ministry. He maintained a constant shuttle during his time as Deputy Minister from Sarajevo to Vienna, the United States and a number of Arab countries.

He ensured that the Vienna Embassy became a key location for ongoing support of radical Islamists, and a wide range of visas and passports were granted to non-Bosnians in the time following his own term there as Ambassador…

Significantly, Zivalj, who is regarded as the most important radical Islamist in the B-H networks, working closely with al-Qaida and Iranian terrorist officials, has a US Green Card (permanent residency), and his family is believed to be living still in Florida. Zivalj now is believed to be a director of Islamic Bank, in B-H. He spent some time, during the communist era in the former Yugoslavia, in prison with Alija Izetbegovic, who later became the Islamist President of B-H. Significantly, Zivalj used his position in Vienna to issue, in 1995, a B-H passport to Safet Catovic….Earlier, he had issued a B-H passport to Osama bin Laden, head of the al-Qaida networks.

Yossef Bodansky’s seminal work, Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans (ISSA, 1996), LINK noted: “In mid-January 1996, the Islamist leadership released a sermon of Sheikh Omar Abd-al-Rahman made on the eve of his sentencing (for his leadership rôle in the Islamist terrorist networks in New York in 1993). This sermon stressed the centrality of Bosnia and the Islamist cause and specifically threatened the US with terrorism in retaliation.”

Catovic also organized a “Summer jihad camp in Pennsylvania” only a month before the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Importantly, one of Catovic’s interlocutors was Imam Siraj Wahaj, the spiritual father of the first (1993) attack on the New York World Trade Center.

Within this framework, apart from the links between the B-H officials and the original bombers of the New York World Trade Center in 1993, five of the known terrorist attackers on the US in 2001 had direct links through and with Bosnia, and literally all were supported by Bosnian-linked Islamist “charities”…

Despite the clear warnings during the 1990s, however, the US Clinton Administration supported and encouraged the radical Islamists who were bent on attacking the US.

Similarly, after sponsoring Islamic terror in Bosnia, the British government recently released the following advisory to its citizens:

British tourists warned of terrorist threat in Bosnia
24 July 2010 | 10:03 | Source: Tanjug

The British Interior Ministry has warned its citizens traveling through Bosnia-Herzegovina that there is a high risk of terrorist attacks in the country.

Banja Luka daily Nezavisne novine states that the ministry warned that after the recent attack on the police station in Bugojno, in which one police officer was killed, the danger of terrorist attacks in Bosnia has been heightened.

The ministry reminded that there have been several violent demonstrations over the last several years in Bosnia, and that the targets of the violence in some cases were foreign embassies and consulates.

“Unexploded bombs also represent a realistic danger, especially in isolated regions such as mountains and villages, and British citizens are recommended do avoid these regions unless going with an experienced guide and to remain within the urban centers of the country,” the statement added.

Hey, UK — here’s a flashback for ya:

A rarely seen video taken in 1994 by the mujahedin themselves clearly shows blue-helmeted British soldiers relieving Bosnian Serb soldiers of foreign Islamists they had captured and releasing the delighted jihadis unscathed in the central Bosnian town of Travnik to cheers of “Allah Akbar!” (Chris Deliso, The Coming Balkan Caliphate)

Now it’s time to check in on what the latest, admitted terrorist count in Bosnia-Herzegovina is. You’ll recall that in 2007 a former State Dept. official, UN Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian, “dismissed claims from the Bosnian Serb media about thousands of possible Al-Qa’idah helpers in Bosnia as utter nonsense. Asked how many of those problematic persons there were in Bosnia, Gregorian answered ‘more than ten and less than a hundred.’” So, like, 11 to 99?

And they gave him hell for just saying that much. But today, here’s just what Muslim Bosnia admits to itself:

“Thousands of potential terrorists in Bosnia” 13 July 2010 | 14:42 | Source: Beta

SARAJEVO — Director of the Information-Security Agency of Bosnia-Herzegovina (OSA) Almir Džuvo said that there are about “3,000 potential terrorists in Bosnia”.

Džuvo told Sarajevo daily Dnevni Avaz that most of them have been registered by police over the last several years.

“Only about three or four percent of them are foreigners. The rest are Bosnia-Herzegovina citizens. They are very well equipped. A lot better than our police,” Džuvo was quoted as saying.

“But, police cannot do anything until they commit a terrorist act, like Bugojno or some other act that is just as serious,” Džuvo said at a meeting of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security, which was held to discuss the recent attack on the Bugojno police station that killed one officer.

He said that politicians need to change existing laws, adding that “3,000 people, because of psychological and other states, can perform a terrorist act that will have much greater consequences than this one.”

Director of the Federal Police Administration Zlatko Miletić said that police were working to do their part, but that there was “no political will to deal with the remaining issues”.

Chief State Prosecutor Milorad Barašin said that radical Islamist groups in Bosnia “do not recognize the state institutions, drive cars without licenses, and do not want personal identification cards”.

“The prosecution reacts when there are consequences, because the laws do no allow us to do anything before that. That must change,” Barašin said.

Incidentally, when Gregorian gave us the 11-to-99 figure, he also admitted that “hundreds of people were granted B-H citizenship under suspicious circumstances or in an unlawful way,” the Bosnian-Serb news agency SRNA reported. As Chris Deliso wrote in The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The Dayton Agreement…stipulated that the former mujahedin leave at once. No doubt in expectation of such a decree, the Izetbegovic government had by then been busily supplying hundreds of mujahedin with Bosnian passports for some time, in an effort to remove the heroes of Bosnian liberation from the pool of “foreigners” expected to leave. While some mujahedin did go, between several hundred and one thousand stayed. Many married local women and began to raise families, creating bizarre pockets of Afghanistan-in-Europe in Sharia-run villages like Bocinja Donja, which had been ethnically cleansed of its Chrstian Serbian inhabitants by the mujahedin and handed over to them thereafter as a “reward” for their services.

Here is a 2006 report on there being “3,000 Afro-Asians [in Bosnia] whose papers were now in jeopardy,” after Bosnia started reviewing them only thanks to “intense U.S. pressure.”

To close, just a reminder of the reaction to Gregorian’s understatement, from Bosnia’s “moderate” grand mufti, who is feted all around the U.S. by synagogues, churches, universities, politicians and the State Department: “Bosnian Grand Mufti accuses OHR official of ’spreading Islamophobia’” (Text of report in English by Croatian news agency HINA):

The head of the Islamic community in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Mustafa Ceric, has said that in his country there are no persons who may be cooperating with Al-Qa’idah, and accused Deputy High Representative Raffi Gregorian of spreading Islamophobia with his claims that some persons of Afro-Asian origin who were granted Bosnian citizenship are probably linked with this terrorist group.

“It is a sin and immoral to link Bosnian Muslims with terrorist organizations,” Ceric said.

“Such statements give us grounds to fear that this is an introduction for the next act of genocide against our people,” Ceric told believers who gathered in the south-eastern town of Nevesinje for the ceremony of opening a reconstructed mosque.

In his strong-worded address, Ceric said that the same language had been used about Jews before the Holocaust was committed. […]