Bill Clinton’s #1 enemy in the late 90s and early 2000’s, Newsmax’s Christopher Ruddy, describes a visit by the now apparently “affable” Clinton to the Newsmax offices in West Palm Beach, Florida. What’s more, did you know that Newsmax’s Ruddy ’shares the same passions’ with the Clinton Foundation? Did you know that Newsmax was all about “poverty alleviation and health services”? Who knew the two men had so much in common. Here is a snapshot of their shared passion. I think Clinton’s left hand is on Ruddy’s ass:

President Clinton Visits Newsmax Monday, 16 Aug 2010

Former President Bill Clinton took a break from his busy schedule in South Florida Monday to visit Newsmax Media and its founder and CEO, Christopher Ruddy. Clinton was in the area while making several stops to support Democratic candidates.

Clinton toured Newsmax’s headquarters in West Palm Beach, and had a private meeting with Ruddy. Later, he posed for photographs with Newsmax staff.

“It is wonderful seeing you all,” said the affable Clinton, who was dressed casually and clearly enjoyed himself as he shook hands, walking around the office and chatting with employees.

Later, Clinton was the focal point of a group photo in the Newsmax lobby.

“What a great group of people you have here,” the president said.

The president and Ruddy have become friends over the past several few years, with both sharing Clinton’s passion for the causes that his Clinton Foundation supports. The foundation focuses on poverty alleviation and health services in the United States and globally.

“I am a great admirer of President Clinton,” Ruddy said. “He has not only redefined the post-presidency, but has served as an exemplary goodwill ambassador for our country throughout the whole world. His efforts transcend politics and deserve support.”

Newsmax Media was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest independent news publishers on the Internet. It offers a conservative perspective, but also covers the areas of health, finance, and world news.

Because there’s no conservative perspective on health, finance, and world news? (Copy desk!)

Now, in my delicious 2007 article about this disturbing Newsmax/Clinton alliance, I hypothesized that it could all have something to do with Newsmax doing business of some sort with China, a connection that Clinton could be helpful with. Now, however, such an alliance would take on increased urgency as both men would prefer Hillary to Obama in 2012, so that’s what this could be about. (As if the Clintons didn’t pave the way to the inevitability of Obama.)

As Ruddy himself reported back when he was a person and when the world had use for him, Clinton does not forgive those who have wronged him. He gets revenge. So either there’s a damn good strategic reason for Clinton to be breaking his pattern, or Clinton will have something special in store for Ruddy when whatever this is, is done. Which by now Ruddy deserves.