The plight of Serbian returnees to the village Zac recently came up, and here it is again: Homes of Serb returnees demolished

ISTOK — Unknown perpetrators demolished three houses of Serb returnees that are under construction in the village of Žač near Istok last night.

The construction of the houses for the returnees is being financed by the Kosovo Community and Return Ministry and the construction of 18 more houses was planned.

The incident has upset the Serbs in the area. Kosovo police are guarding their tent camp 24 hours a day.

Kosovo police Spokesman for the Peć region Zeqir Kelmendi said that the contractor reported the incident around noon.

He also explained that a wall in one of the houses had been demolished and that concrete blocks had been scattered around the house and added that Kosovo police were working on identifying the perpetrators.

[T]he Serbs have been exposed to numerous attacks since their return to the village of Žač.

And really, could it be any other way when even a UN regional administrator for Mitrovica, David Mitchels, has said that Kosovo would be better off if all the Serbs were gone?

Not to be upstaged, here’s Croatia welcoming its own Serbian returnees earlier this month, while celebrating the anniversary of getting rid of them:

TV crew, Serbs targeted in Croatia
6 August 2010 | 13:44 | Source: B92, FoNet, Beta, Tanjug

ZADAR — Incidents were reported as fans of a controversial Croat singer gathered on Thursday to celebrate the anniversary of Operation Storm.

A group of Marko Perković aka Thompson fans, gathered in his native village of Čavoglava, threw stones at a Croatian national television HRT crew, who escaped without injuries.

The reporters were subjected to almost an hour and a half of death threats and insults, that culminated in the stoning incident.

Perković and his following are often linked with the pro-Ustasha ideology. Ustashas were the forces of the pro-Nazi WW2 Independent State of Croatia (NDH), who conducted mass killings of Serbs, Jews and Romas.

When the HRT reporter and cameraman tried to film the celebrations yesterday, that included people wearing Ustasha caps and drinking brandy with images of NDH leader Ante Pavelić on the labels, they were attacked.

The crowd, said to have been 60,000 people strong, sang Ustasha songs, and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić was among those seen in Čavoglave on the Operation Storm anniversary.

Police in the nearby town of Zadar who last night showed up to “rescue” the HRT crew, said this morning that they did not see any persons wearing Ustasha uniforms or insignia, and for that reason did not detain anyone.

Local ethnic Serbs were also targeted in a separate incident, when Croat war veterans confronted them in the village of Donja Suvaja, also near Zadar.

Deputy Gračac municipal chief Milan Tankosić said that the Croat veterans threatened the Serbs by shouting, “Kill Chetniks”, “We will cut your throats again”, and, “Go to Serbia, this is Croatia”.

Police quickly intervened at the scene, said Tanasković.

Eyewitnesses said that the attackers arrived in a convoy of some 20 vehicles, and that they attacked the Serbs, who are returnees, physically and verbally.

“Police…did not see any persons wearing Ustasha uniforms or insignia, and for that reason did not detain anyone” —

(His shirt says “Black Legion” on it. Previously mentioned here. History here and here.)

(His shirt says Independent State of Croatia, April 10, 1941 — referring to Hitler’s “liberating” of Croatia)

(Fuhrer Ante Pavelic whiskey)

(Hero worship of 1990s war criminal Ante Gotovina)

And this is the treatment of Serbian tourists (on whom Croatia’s tourism industry relies significantly):

Croats bomb, attack Serb tourists (August 14, 2010)

Ethnic Serb, Boris D, found a bomb in his car while attempting to vacation in Split, Croatia. A message was attached along with the bomb. The message starts with the well known German language relic from the concentration camp days just before the orgy of killing was to start:

“Achtung! Swimming prohibited for Serbs, Chetniks and dogs. God and the Croats.”

Dear Croatians, I really hate to break this to you about God, but he’s just not that into you.