I’ve written before “Why Following the Balkans is Delicious.” That time, around November 2009, it was because Obama sent both Clintons to try to talk the Palestinians out of using the Kosovo precedent as a precedent. That is, he sent the two war criminals responsible for that precedent to quell the logical consequences.

More recently, after the International Court of Justice ruled last month that anyone has the right to declare independence, we got the following article from a Svetlana Andreeva, writing for “Voice of Russia”:

Pandora’s Box opened?

…The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has urged all countries to support the [ICJ] verdict. Politicians in Armenia have promised support on condition the breakaway republic of Nagorno-Karabakh is granted independence.

The Prime Minister of self-styled Abkhazia Sergei Shamba has said the decision gives Abkhazia the right to claim self-determination too. The court ruling has set a precedent for other separatist-minded nations across Europe.

The court produced no clear answer to a question by Serbia about the legitimacy of the declaration of Kosovo’s independence. […]

But at least we do have a clear answer to the iconical question of the ’90s: “What harm can a blow job do?”

After all, a reasonable person might ask: To what end has the U.S. opened this Pandora’s Box? Why, oh why, would the U.S. risk a potentially global dominoe effect on behalf of a small, obscure, seemingly insignificant province in the Balkans?

No pun intended, but here is how it went down:

Discovery of his sexual indiscretions caused a president to go to war.
The war was as big an endorsement of one side’s ambitions as that side ever imagined.
This led to great expectations.
Expectations became demands.
Demands became threats.
Threats turned into bodies.
The next president saw no way out but to finish what the previous president started.
The previous president’s sexual encounters had infected the new president.
Kosova is an STD.

And now it’s been passed on to the current president.