Human smugglers try river crossing (Ottawa Citizen, Aug. 20)

Amherstburg police officers have nabbed five people — three children and two adults — attempting to enter Canada illegally by boat, the second time in a month they have foiled a human smuggling bid. The latest group was caught about 4 p.m. Wednesday after they were observed near Amherst Point by residents living in the Lakewood area. The group claimed to be a family who had paid $2,000 to be transported across the Detroit River from Michigan, where they claimed to have lived for six years. The family said they were originally from Kosovo. The group claimed refugee status and were subsequently turned over to officers with the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency.

Now, for anyone who doesn’t yet know, Michigan — especially Dearborn, which neighbors Detroit and Hamtramck — is the Muslim capital of America. Coincidentally, there also seem to be a lot of Albanians who gravitate to Michigan, although this supposedly has nothing to do with Albanians being largely Muslim themselves. Anyway, here is a recently circulated 2007 article describing Michigan as the Islamic capital of America. It comes via reader Anna, who reminds us that “Michigan can thank former Senator Spencer Abraham for the high population of Muslims in Michigan. Abraham said that if he were reelected, he would have increased the quota for Arabs to come from the Middle-East.”

Michigan: the Islamic capital of the US by Sher Zieve, Jan. 11, 2007

As of 2005, Michigan held the largest and still growing Muslim population in the United States and the second largest Arab population outside of the Middle East. Outside of Muslim-run countries, Paris — which still experiences nightly vehicle torchings and mayhem in its Islamic neighborhoods — has the largest. It is estimated that eight million Muslims now live in the US and their numbers are continuing to grow. Islam is now the second-largest religious body in the United States and is said to be its fastest growing religious movement.

Although hundreds of long-time residents of Hamtramck, MI protested the city allowing the five-times-per-day Muslim call to prayer to be broadcast over Hamtramck’s loudspeakers, the city council voted unanimously in April 2004 to allow it. Prior to the city council making its decision, public input from any citizens (except Muslims) had not been allowed. This continues today. Hamtramck resident Bob Golen was outraged by the city council’s actions and said: “So they had made up their mind before any public meeting and it’s been five-nothing ever since. This is only the beginning. They’re going to use Hamtramck as a precedent. This is coming to your town, to the town down the road, and to the [next] town down the road.” Golen added that, after the city council voted to allow the calls to prayer, one of the city councilmen said that he was “proud to set a precedent in this country.”

Note: The most dangerous element of this “precedent” appears to be a US city council making a unilateral decision. No input from non-Muslim US citizen-residents was required — or permitted. Sound a bit like Shari’a law (which requires only Islamic clerics to make decisions) to you? It should. Only one-third of Hamtramck’s population is Muslim. However, it is the group that appears to now wield the proverbial sword when and where its religious practices are involved. Hamtramck’s Christians and Jews need not waste their time protesting, as this pro-Muslim (to the exclusion of other religions?) city council now firmly appears to be in control of matters relating to Islam.

Just outside of Detroit, the city of Dearborn, MI (the tenth most populated in that state) holds the second densest Arab community outside of the Middle East…Terrorist Hezbollah is also firmly established in Michigan and in 2006 the owner of the La Shish chain of 15 US restaurants, Talal Chahine, fled to Lebanon rather than facing federal charges that he had both evaded paying taxes and funneled $20 million in profits to Hezbollah. This is but one case and there is little doubt other terrorist-supporting activities continue to occur right under our radar. Dearborn’s Al Mabarat “charitable organization” has also been named in providing funds to Hezbollah and on 31 July 3,500 Dearborn Muslims marched in support of Hezbollah and shouted: “Jews are diseased!” The assertions by many that Michigan is the capital of Hezbollah in the United States, seems an appropriate assessment. But, Hezbollah is not the only Islamic terrorist organization that has a stronghold in Michigan. Terrorist groups al-Qaeda, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya are also firmly entrenched in the state. And it is not only in Michigan that these terrorists have gained a foothold — their presence is now spread throughout the US. […]

So indeed, it’s possible that Hezbollah Central might have freaked some Albanians right out of America, causing them to pay to escape.