No sooner did I post a blog making fun of conservatives who are using “the Srebrenica example” as a counter-example to Islamic behavior vis-a-vis the Ground Zero Mosque, than another conservative ignoramus jumped on the bandwagon. Check out this charming contribution to the mosque debate, at American Thinker:

In modern history, a territorial struggle started by Muslims culminated in one of the worst acts of genocidal aggression in modern times. The massacre took place at the end of the Slavic civil war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the mining town of Srebrenica, on the border of Serbia. Only this time, barbarian Serbs, Christian in name only, targeted a Muslim enclave and systematically slaughtered 8,000 Bosniak Muslim men.

To date, there is nothing on record that indicates that Serbian Christians have ever requested permission to erect an Orthodox church in Srebrenica to pay homage to the memory of the 8,000 Muslims who perished.

So not exactly “barbarians,” then?

But it’s always lovely to see people employing Serbophobia to illustrate that they’re not Islamophobic. (Without stopping to think about which phobia is actually rational.)

The rest of her “column” was equally derivative of everything that everyone else has been saying already.