It’s worth noting that only two news outlets — both part of the same company — thought it was newsworthy to report on the indictments unsealed this week for an organized ring of racketeers and murderers. This is despite — or perhaps because? — the fact that the arrests include a senior aide to the deputy prime minister of Albania.

The arrests were announced on Tuesday, and as of Friday only the NY Post and Fox5 carried the story.

Meanwhile, one certainly wonders if this has ever happened to us before: that a top-level foreign official’s aide has been charged with criminal activities including murder in the U.S. Or if this is just an Albanian phenomenon.

Here is the NY Post/Fox5 report, from Weds. Aug. 25:

“Albanian Aide Arrested For NY Murder”/”Albanian big busted in NY slay, kidnap”

A top aide to Albania’s deputy prime minister has been busted in that country for murder, kidnapping and racketeering crimes committed in New York City on behalf of a vicious drug gang, authorities revealed yesterday.

Almir Rrapo, the senior administrative assistant to the deputy PM, was arrested by Albanian National Police at the request of American authorities on July 2, but US prosecutors only yesterday unsealed an indictment against him.

Another 16 people have also been criminally charged in connection with the marijuana-dealing ring allegedly operated by Staten Island brothers Bruno and Saimir Krasniqi in New York state, Connecticut and Michigan.

Rrapo, 27, is accused with the Krasniqi brothers of the July 2005 fatal drive-by shooting of Erion Shehu outside a Queens cafe during a turf battle over marijuana sales, the Manhattan US Attorney’s Office said.

A month before the killing, prosecutors allege, Rrapo, the Krasniqis and other gang members kidnapped a rival drug dealer at gunpoint, pistol-whipped him and placed the gun’s muzzle in his mouth while threatening to kill him if he did not reveal the locations of other members of his ring.

Rrapo, who faces a possible death sentence for Shehu’s murder, also is charged with narcotics and robbery conspiracy.