My source “JK” below adds the following metaphor to his point below: “The shovel that was broken across the back of Serbia is the same one being used to bury the U.S. bit by bit.”

Two recent letters paint a picture of what the world — America included, regardless of its constitution or protestations of “American sovereignty” — can look forward to. The first comes from Rosa, in Munich:

…I was born 1963 in Banat, but lived until 1970 with my parents in Kosovo, where I started going to school. We also were exposed to Albanian-Muslim violence, for instance an Albanian shopkeeper who had a shop in the basement of our building threatened me — then 5-6 years old — with a knife. I went home screaming and after my parents went down he told them with a smile that I was lying.

My mother was nearly beaten up by Albanians on the street, because she picked up a Yugoslav flag they previously threw to [the] mud. There was nothing my parents or other Serbs could do to change this, the authorities did not want to protect us, they gave in to Albanian violence (in and outside Kosovo), because they were indoctrinated with the official Yugoslav “brotherhood and unity” ideology (an early verson of today’s multiculturalism), and partially they were simply afraid of this brute violence, so we had to leave Kosovo.

I’ve been living for 21 years in Germany now and, yes, the whole West — Europe, including even Russia, far more than USA — is indeed being Islamicized and this [is] not because Moslems are strong (they are not), much more because this is [the] declared will of the EU political elites.

I will give you just one small example: Aygül Özgan, an ethnic Turk and a declared Muslim (which is why she was appointed), became recently a minister in Niedersachsen (a [state] within the German Federation) in the Christian Democratic government. Within only two months this 38 years old woman (grown and educated in Germany, a lawyer) launched two initiatives: to forbid crosses in public institutions and to establish some kind of glossary of allowed expressions journalists must use when writing about the topic of “integration” and Islam (even though there aren’t any mainstream media writing really critically about Islam, immigration, let alone what EU/USA have done to Serbia). I realized long ago it is not Germans or Americans doing this to us, but their elites and they are doing it to their own people too. (Though I had some really ugly experiences in 1999: American business people knowing or not that I am a Serb, being really happy and enthusiastic about Serbia being bombed “to the stone age”, even saying they wish “all Serbs dead”; or others more sensible, trying to comfort me by saying that whatever has been destroyed in Serbia wasn’t of any particular value, so not a big deal anyway.)

Charming. But back to the part about the reluctance of law enforcement to do anything about the brute force of Serbia’s Albanian minority (most of them illegal aliens, incidentally). This should sound familiar. Between the increasing violence of South American drug cartels/gangs, and the Muslims, we’re going to start hearing, “That’s just the way it is.” After all, law enforcement doesn’t want firings, discrimination lawsuits, or bad PR on its hands — and who wants to “make them even angrier”? Rosa’s experience with Albanians is similar to the West’s increasing experiences with Muslims and illegals in general. And the whole commie multi-culti parallel is compelling.

The second, related letter comes from JK, who worked in the Balkans for ten years, five of them at the Office of the High Representative (OHR):

I’m alarmed but not surprised to see the methods that the “International Community” (George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations) [which was] tested out there, now in regular use in the effort to destroy a sovereign USA.

I understood this to mean that Yugoslavia was not only a testing ground for a similar offensive against our ultimate target (Russia), but a testing ground for dismantling all national sovereignty, including America’s. Still I asked JK to elaborate, and he obliged:

Please forgive the haphazard form of this response. I’m more or less just rattling things off as they come to mind. It’s far from a complete picture…Some things I will never get. Like how it’s possible for international and UN workers and journalists to pass by burned-out Serbian villages every day on the Mostar or Sarajevo Visoko-Zenica roads and not for once stop and question what happened there for fear of disturbing the misconceptions they brought with them…

As far as Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations go, a lot of what I believe is based upon witnessing first-hand attitudes and secular dogma of what people like Holbrooke, Bildt and others (an army of aspirant careerists) have said on and off the record — sober and drunk. I can afford to be subjective in my conclusions, unlike yourself who may be asked to back up her opinions ,but I’ll do my best. Soros has been funding “civil society” NGO efforts in the area since 1994, with the profits he made off the sterling crisis. CFR via it’s publicity organ Human Rights Watch has been fairly instrumental in the creation of the Serbian-monster myth not to mention showing an obvious bias in their reporting as far as what constitutes an atrocity.

I think the state department with their policy of keeping officers willfully ignorant of local realities (Foreign Service Officers are moved every 12-24 months) is fertile breeding ground for the elitist/globalist ideology. Far too often presidents just take whatever line they offer hook, line and sinker even when they operate off of second-hand information such as they did in the early 90’s when they depended on information from Germany and the ECMM (European Community Monitor Mission) to guide their decision-making process. This had grave results in the early recognition of Croatia as well as the sabotage of the Lisbon talks. Or that’s to say: anyone who does not swallow this paradigm does not last very long.

Here in the US, what better example of the same tactics being applied than the situation in AZ? Most of the press blatantly lies about the law while AZ seeks to defend itself against a de facto insurrection, where the narco-mafia places bounties on US law enforcement officers and raids homes and ranches. How long will it be before car bombs are going off? The Soros connection to this is in perpetuation and funding of dedicated leftist propaganda organs.

The UN Tribunal for former YU, aside from its primary purpose of whitewashing the International Community’s role as the fourth protagonist, is being made permanent in the form of the ICC (International Criminal Court) and gradually insinuating authority and acceptance by default and for lack of any challenge.

And then of course there is [Soros’] work with IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms), which is working to subvert the US Constitution by setting up international laws that would overrule our second amendments.

Here, JK offers links about Soros getting congressional Democrats to try to get UN monitors for the 2004 presidential election, and trying to put U.S. soldiers under UN authority and making the U.S. submit to the International Court, as well as implementing the aforementioned international gun laws.

Soros funds the terminally Serbophobic ICG and has reincarnated that effort here with MoveOn.org [now targeting Americans].

I could go on and on. You probably are well aware of most of this already. I do honestly believe there is a lot to fear from a group of powerful people who are incredibly impressed with their wealth and influence to the point where they’re sure they can bring about a humanist paradise, be worshiped in place of god and grant rights and privileges in it as He once did — and view the Republic as a nuisance and unwarranted vehicle by which us serfs may occasionally and quite in spite of our obvious inferiority wield some power whenever it is that the manufactured “Civil Society’s” permission to indulge our every impulse does not adequately distract us.

Relatedly, I stumbled onto an online posting of a response to what appears to be a June 1996 email with subject line “FEMA-BOSNIA connection,” by a Frank T. Brady. The email anticipated a transpanting of the Bosnia model to other areas in other countries, including here. Specifically, he related a radio interview he heard on The Peter Ford Show on ‘KIEV’ in Pasadena, CA, with a mercenary named Giles Pace, who said that when a government — national or international — wants to take over an area, the method employed in Bosnia was for the blue-helmeted peacekeeping forces to evacuate people from their homes, watching them carefully to make sure they took no weapons with them. He surmised, “It seems there is more than one strategic value in frightening armed citizens into unarmed evacuation of their homes — so much easier than the time consuming and casualty prone house-to-house combat it would otherwise cost to take control of an area.”

This was done all over the former Yugoslavia as it was being dismantled by the international community, including especially to the Serbs of Kosovo, who were disarmed and relocated to, essentially, internment camps, still guarded today by international troops but increasingly local, Albanian-led police, which is like the fox guarding the henhouse. A comment poster named “Monte” responded to the posted email affirmatively:

Sounds about right. Our troops are out of the country, under foreign command -or- sick and/or dying from Gulf War Syndrome.

Foreign troops are here in America, training in counter-insurgency ops such as door-to-door arms confiscation and close-quarters combat. And there are apparently a *lot* of them here. And *our* troops are having the older, more patriotic officers weeded out. As the younger soldiers are trained to follow globalist UN orders without question.

Folks, we’re being set up. Big time. I don’t know if it’s coming tomorrow, next month or next year, but it’s coming. Mark my words well, and call me any kind of conspiracy wacko you want to, but it’s coming.

- - Monte

Monte’s sign-off was quite apropos to what is happpening:

If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains set lightly upon you; and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. — Samuel Adams

On the subject of tranquility, distraction, and fulfilling our impulses, it has increasingly felt to me that this is what iPhones, texting and televised talent shows are all about — toys and diversions to distract us from the fact that we are increasingly living not on solid ground but in a mere holograph of what used to be. I enjoy watching the singing and dancing competitions as much as the next person; I even vote for contestants on “America’s Got Talent.” There is something deceptively soothing about watching the wide-eyed excitement of hopefuls who still think it will be in “America” that their dreams and ambitions will be actualized. They have no idea that the American Dream from now on will be, quite literally, just that.