For this follow-up to Angelina Jolie’s Big Bosnian Adventure, as Nebojsa Malic aptly mocked it in an email, Nebojsa informs me that “the whole star-and-crescent-crossed-lovers thing had actually been done already, first in Emir Kusturica’s “Life is a Miracle” (2004) and then in Ahmed Imamovic’s “Go West” (2005), in which the lovers were homosexual. So Jolie’s movie would be typically Hollywood - steal an idea from elsewhere, season with focus-group tropes and cliches, add explosions, sex and violence, and serve to audiences whose taste in film has been neutered by decades of pabulum.”

But here comes the important part concerning the Serb and Bosnian couple killed while crossing out of Sarajevo:

I recall reading somewhere that it was “Celo” (whose nickname means “Baldy”) who had them killed. Though he guaranteed them safe passage, the moment they started to cross, his men began to fire at the Serbs across the river. However much Bosko may have paid him (and it must have been a lot), the sheer propaganda value of having him and Admira killed (supposedly) by the evil Serbs was priceless. If only I could find the damned source for this…I am almost certain it was a Bosnian-Muslim magazine, but I can’t swear on it.

Nebojsa also points out that it was mighty interesting that Celo was in charge of the sector where the couple tried to cross, and that a major firefight broke out right then. “It’s a perfect (non)crime: an honor killing and a propaganda coup, paid for by the victims themselves! What’s not to like?”

Meanwhile, I heard from a source in response to the Sarajevo Romeo and Juliet blog, someone who worked in the Balkans for 10 years, five of them for the UN Office of the High Representative. He wrote:

I have many friends who served in the Bosnian army. Those who know told me on several occasions that their orders were to stop people from leaving the city, with deadly force if necessary. One specifically told me that when spotting civilians trying to cross on the frontline his orders were to order them to halt twice and shoot if they did not heed by then. By contrast on the other side, I was told if they made it, more often than not they were let through by presenting their “old” SFRY [Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia] passports which almost anyone had, and allowed to travel through regardless of nationality, though I would imagine it had it’s risks as well.

The myth was about the “siege” but in fact it was BiH Government that was keeping people in, as much as anything. In fact, with the UN controlling the airport Sarajevo was not surrounded for the majority of the war (though the UN did not let people pass either.. one wonders why the UN was not pushed at all too hard to change this policy).

Incidentally, the real name of the commander Celo was Ramiz Delalic, the man who it can be said fired the shot heard ’round the world when he killed a Serbian groom’s father at a wedding in front of an Orthodox Church in Bosnia in March 1992. He was murdered in 2007 by an Albanian criminal clan.

Now, please note that the Delalic “Celo” is different from another Bosnian army commander/crime boss who helped start the war and was called “Celo.” That Celo was Ismet Bajramovic, who together with other Bosnian then-paramilitiaries shot on a withdrawing convoy of Yugoslav soldiers in 1992, also considered by informed circles to be the shot heard ’round the world in the Bosnian war.

Once again, let’s pause to notice the easy fluidity between Muslim soldiers/jihadists/commanders/terrorists supposedly fighting for a cause, and general criminality. As with Albanian and more Muslimy Muslims, the Bosnian Muslims often start with criminal records, make easy recruits for nationalist and then jihadist struggles, and then go back to their criminal activities, whether still actively engaged in jihad or not. Is it any surprise that we signed on to the Albanians’ nationalist war, and ended up protecting their heroin factories?

So I’m actually going to segue into that subject for the rest of the post. A revelation on this subject for one small-town municipal judge-turned-terrorist-nabber:

One day on the bench, she has an epiphany: The criminal mind-set is like jihadi thinking. It makes sense.

The toughest people in court are in for assault, fueled by drugs and alcohol. The jihadists are like those assailants, Rossmiller decides. Their intoxicant isn’t crystal meth but fundamentalist Islam….

And so below is just a snapshot demonstrating precisely this appeal of Islam:

Ex-cons who converted to Islam in NY have turned up in Yemen as Al Qaeda recruits: Senate report (Jan. 20, 2010)

Ex-cons who converted to Islam in New York and other state prison systems have turned up in Yemen as Al Qaeda terror recruits, a new Senate report says.

The focus on ex-cons was part of an intensified effort by Al Qaeda to involve Americans who could more easily slip through security and pose a “significant threat” to carry out attacks in the U.S., said Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee.

“These Americans are not necessarily of Arab or South Asian descent” but “include individuals who converted to Islam in prison,” Kerry said in a foreword to the report by his committee.

As many as 36 of the ex-cons, nearly half from New York, were believed to be in Yemen, and U.S. counterterror officials were on “heightened alert because of the potential threat from extremists carrying American passports,” the report said…

L.A. gang member-turned-author gets 6 years for carjacking (May 6, 2008)

…Kody “Monster” Scott, 44…arrested last year, was accused of taking a silver Jaguar that belonged to a friend whom he beat so badly the man needed facial surgery.

Scott, who also goes by the name Sanyika Sakura, was in prison when he wrote “Monster: The Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member.” He wrote that he killed, robbed and committed other crimes since being inducted into a street gang at age 11. The 1993 book is the basis for a planned movie.

Scott previously served four years in state prison for armed robbery and possession of an AK-47 assault rifle, and had shorter terms for other crimes.

Police contend that he retains gang ties despite a professed conversion to Islam and a renunciation of violence. He was on a list of the 10 most-wanted gang members issued by the Los Angeles Police Department last year.

Foiled Robber Begs For Mercy, Asks To Join Islam (June 3, 2009)

When a baseball bat burglar threatened bodily harm, deli owner-victim Mohammed Sohail unexpectedly turned the tables and pulled out a shotgun.

The would-be thief suddenly surrendered, got down on his knees, blubbering and sobbing like a baby.

“He was begging, crying ‘I’m sorry. I have no money, no food, no job. My family’s hungry,’” Sohail said. “He’s really crying, ‘please don’t call police.’”

Sohail has a soft heart for a man down on his luck and he’d struggled in the past, too. So he struck a deal with the crying crook. He told him to promise he’d never rob anyone again.

With that, Sohail pulled $40 out of his cash register and threw it at the thief.

And then something even more remarkable happened.

“He said he wanted to convert to Islam, that he wanted to be Muslim like me,” Sohail said, pointing to the video. “See? He is raising hand here, and taking oath.”

They shook hands on the oath. […]

The criminal predisposition of those who gravitate to Islam and/or jihad also manifests itself in a taste for child porn:

Link between child porn and Muslim terrorists discovered in police raids (Oct. 17, 2008)

A link between terrorism plots and hardcore child pornography is becoming clear after a string of police raids in Britain and across the Continent, an investigation by The Times has discovered. Images of child abuse have been found during Scotland Yard antiterrorism swoops and in big inquiries in Italy and Spain.

(See also Report: Islamic radicals use child porn to exchange info; Police say secret codes embedded in images)

Along these lines, recruitment for the growing Wahhabi movement in Bosnia and Kosovo has been targeting people with criminal records:

After recruiting people with a criminal past, whose additional motive to join the Wahhabi community were monthly donations, they have begun recruiting followers in the intellectual stratum, targeting particularly the students.

Another Wahhabi centre is located on the outskirts of Sarajevo, in the Hadzici settlement of Kopisanj. This settlement is on a slope of Mount Igman, alongside the Hadzici-Igman road, where Serbs were the majority population before the war. As early as 1999 Hadzici was identified as a place of residence of followers of the conservative interpretation of Islam. That year Kalil Jaraj, a “world-class” terrorist,” was arrested in the Hadzici Municipality over the suspicion of being involved in the plotting of terrorist acts. Mirsad Bektasevic, leader of a group subsequently convicted of terrorism, was also arrested in Hadzici in 1999. One of Hadzici residents in Bektasevic’s group was Amir Bajric, former criminal and drug addict convicted of car theft before he started socializing with the Wahhabis.

Here I have to veer off onto a tangent within a tangent. This drug-addicted, criminal character who found appeal in Wahhabism reminds me of a not-quite-Muslim British ‘journalist’ who went to fight on the Bosnian-Muslim side, ironically classing the Serbs as “a cruel lot.”

I’d written about him in 2007, and dubbed him a Bridiot. Since then, Nebojsa informed me that what this Bridiot — named Anthony Loyd — essentially is, is a “former ‘post-western’ druggie who tried to find himself by flirting with Jihad. So, another druggie looking for a high by killing Serbs, the chief infidel of that region. After the war, he so missed killing Serbs that he wrote a book titled My War Gone By, I Miss It So

Nebojsa read the book and told me, “He doesn’t even pretend to be objective. He likes the Muslims, hates the Serbs and the Russians. Doesn’t bother to hide it. Or the fact that he’s a junkie who got his thrills from being a reporter (well, propagandist) for the mujahedeen.”

A reader responding to my earlier post about Loyd confirmed this characterization, saying, “Anthony Loyd was a ‘reporter’ on [the] Bosnian Muslim front during [the]war. He is a heroin addict and a Muslim apologist. He states as much in his book. This is one of the previous nobodies who made a career out of his anti-Serb ‘reporting.’ Amazing that people like this become credible journalists from the bullshit they write against Serbs.”

Indeed, you can gain employment, credibility and respectability just by hating Serbs.

A similarly crazed character — driven by the same romantic impulse to kill Serbs — came to my attention last year, in this April 20th essay for the UK Telegraph by Philip Sherwell:

I encountered Eduardo Rozsa Flores in the killing fields of eastern Croatia on a bleak day just after Christmas 1991. The flamboyant part-Bolivian, part-Hungarian polyglot journalist-turned-fighter was one of those characters that flourished in the anarchy of that brutal war.

Flores had founded the Croatian army’s grandly-named First International Platoon [Croatian acronym “PIV”], a motley collection of nationalities, including a handful of Britons, fighting for the independence of the breakaway from the old Serb-dominated Yugoslavia.

Different motives brought the volunteers here - love of adventure, obsession with killing, romantic attachment to an underdog [how about that: fascist underdogs], hatred of the Serbs, loathing of communism. Flores, a former Leftist journalist who swapped his keyboard for a rifle and Marxism for the far-Right after covering the early days of the conflict, seemed to be driven by them all.

Nearly two decades later, Flores was one of three members of an alleged assassination plot against Bolivia’s left-wing president Evo Morales, who were gunned down in their underwear in a police raid on their hotel rooms in the South American country on Thursday.

Back on that late December day in 1991…the Union flag fluttered beside the colours of five other nations outside the last building in a small near-deserted village just outside Osijek, the eastern Croatian capital which daily shelling had turned into a ghost town…Flores greeted us but he was busy in his commander duties and left it to others to talk to us.

There was a sinister air to the place, however, and his subordinate seemed subdued or intimidated. Flores was already building quite a reputation - a hero among many Croats for his platoon’s audacious operations behind enemy lines; but feared by others for his rants and ruthlessness.

There was also plenty of talk that the PIV was linked to the neo-fascist elements within the Croatian independence movement that proudly traced their roots to the Nazi puppet Ustashe regime of World War II…I spent most of my time that day with a Swiss man called Christian Wurtemberg who had signed up for the PIV a month earlier…His was an intelligent and articulate voice amid the mayhem. So a chill went down my spine when I heard a few days later that he had been killed.

More chilling was the subsequent news that he had been dispatched by strangling - an unusual end in a conflict that claimed tens of thousands of lives. Various witnesses have since come forward to say that he was tortured and garroted on Flores’ orders as a suspected spy, although the commander claimed he was killed in an ambush.

Two weeks later, Paul Jenks, a freelance British photographer, was shot dead in the same fields that I had stared out at during my visit to Flores’ headquarters. A single sniper’s bullet to the back of his neck felled him. The initial report was that the shot had been fired from Serb positions, even though they were some 1,000 yards away.

That would have been quite a hit in its own right. But the story got much murkier - for at the time of his death, according to another photographer with him, he was facing Serb lines. The back of his head was exposed to the closer positions of Flores’ forces. And Jenks had reportedly been investigating Wurtemberg’s death when he met his own.

After his Croatian exploits, where he had dubbed himself a “conservative, anarchist world revolutionary” and earned the rank of major from President Franjo Tudjman, he returned to Budapest where he wrote books, poems and established close ties with the country’s far-Right.

Yet at some stage, he had also converted to Islam and in 2003 emerged as a spokesman for an Iraqi splinter group calling itself the Iraqi Independent Government and also became deputy-president of the Hungarian Islamic Community. […]

A Marxist-turned-fascist-turned-Muslim. Who, apparently, easily killed his own men — and fellow journalists. (Meanwhile, see here for other examples of western fascists who discover Islam.)

While we’re on the Balkans — and getting back to our theme — below we see the criminal background of Anes Subasic, the Bosnian involved in the North Carolina plot that was disrupted last year:

The police in the Bosnian Serb city of Banja Luka say that the 33-year old Anes Subasic was born in a Banja Luka suburb of Laus, that his father went by a pseudonym Tutma, but that Anes is a man involved in criminal activities that include attempted murder, extortion and robbery.

The Bosnian Serb police say that in 1992, Anes changed his name to Mladen, an ethnic Serbian name, and that under both names Anes was charged 11 times on 16 counts of attempted murder, extortion and robbery.

The police in Banja Luka has also investigated Anes Subasic for an attempted murder of Stanslav Koljancic, an ethnic Serb and an owner of Banja Luka night club Kajak.

And let’s not forget this bit about Bosnia from Chris Deliso in The Coming Balkan Caliphate:

The mujahedin indulged in some of the most horrific atrocities ever witnessed in war, as they rampaged unchecked across Christian Serb and Croat villages. Decapitations, amputations, and “non-surgical circumcisions” were standard procedure, as were electrical shock, sexual abuse, and other forms of torture. Serbian prisoners were starved to death or thrown into pits and ordered to attack one another with knives; if they did not die, the jihadis would move in with chainsaws. Their cruelty knew no limits and sometimes shocked the native Bosnian fighters. Most incredibly, the holy warriors on at least one occasion even impaled and roasted people alive on spits. Today, the markets and mosques of Bosnia and other Balkan countries do a brisk business in commemorative videos and DVDs that capture the mujahedin in action.

In other words, this kind of criminality is given free rein by Islam. As I’ve written before, why call it crime when you can call it religion? Islam gives crime a higher purpose. Basically, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing, only now you’re doing it for Allah, and against the infidel, so any and all actions are justifiable.

Futhermore, traditionally in war the method has been to inflict more casualties on the enemy than the enemy inflicts on you. But clearly the Balkans and every other front of jihad are satisfying an appetite for the sadistic. Keep in mind that in the jihadists’ native countries, Sharia-mandated amputations and other gruesome punishments are spectator sports, the whole town coming out to watch.

As for those videos of the mujahedeen’s handiwork in the Balkans, consumers don’t have to feel bad about themselves for watching, because these snuff films and gore-fests are shrouded in Islamic purpose. Besides, American horror films probably aren’t allowed. Islam is basically the movie “Hostel,” sanctioned by Sharia.

No wonder Islam appeals to atheists more than other religions do; it’s not a religion. It’s an umbrella organization for all manner of degenerates, con artists and cut-throats. Have you ever wanted to torture someone? Ever wanted something for nothing? Well we’ve got a way to make it OK. Islam is an international crime syndicate, a joint criminal enterprise. It’s also a terrorist organization, as radio talk show host Michael Graham in 2005 was fired for saying. And so terrorism’s symbiotic relationship with organized crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking is even more symbiotic than meets the eye. Terrorism is in business with every kind of mafia and gangster, just like any other criminal enterprise.

The many members of this terro-criminal organization who “aren’t like that” can be compared to Mafia wives. They act like they don’t know what’s going on, but they’re still part of the family. Often, they try to know as little as possible about what’s going on — and what they’re ultimately the beneficiaries of — and live in a state of denial. They even defend their husbands and curse law enforcement when it asks questions.

Anyway, to sum up the larger intent of this post: The next time you hear someone reporting how “Islam is the fastest growing relgion in the world,” add “Especially among convicts.” One last item to that effect:

One in 10 inmates behind bars turns to Islam

…Lawrence Mamiya, a professor at Vassar College who has studied Muslim prison ministries…estimates that about 10 percent of all prison inmates have converted to Islam.

For most men behind bars, their conversion is temporary. Just one in five who convert to Islam while in prison continue on in that faith once they are released, Mamiya said.

That makes experts wonder whether “Prison Islam” isn’t a religious movement but a convenient infrastructure for a prison gang that affords members special privileges, including rugs and sticks of incense for their cells.

Chaplains who supervise Muslim services say most men are genuine in their faith.

A 2006 report by George Washington University and the University of Virginia found that tight-knit communities of Muslims in prison are ripe for radicalization, and could easily become terrorist cells.

Most of the inmates who convert to Islam are African-American, and are attracted to Islam for its discipline and belief in equality, said Faheem Siddiq, a longtime planner for the city of Everett who has acted as a Muslim chaplain in state prisons for more than five years.

Muslim communities in prisons also provide some of the same benefits of gangs, Mamiya said. They protect one another, but they don’t “demand extortion in order to be initiated,” he said.

“Many of the men don’t like the idea of the Christian ‘turning the other cheek,’ ” Mamiya said. “Islam emphasizes self-defense as an ethic, so they prefer that.”

On the point of Islam’s “belief in equality,” let’s remember that communism appealed to many Africans and African-Americans for reasons of equality too: as long as everyone is equally oppressed, poor and miserable, it’s a better society to American capitalism. (This is yet another confluence that falls into my “Communislam” category.) Islam, however, offers something more to certain kinds of black men than communism did; it feeds and reinforces the sense of anger and entitlement that they already indulge in.

This reminds me how after 9/11 I wondered whether all the little hoodlums that New Yorkers are used to encountering on subway trains and elsewhere didn’t feel a bit emasculated. These bad-asses were totally upstaged by the Muslims, and indeed they were keeping their heads lower than normal for about a year after the attack on the WTC, uncharacteristically not trying to intimidate or get a rise out of anyone, and even lowering their iPod volume and not rapping aloud in our faces. I sensed an identity crisis, and wondered if and how they would reclaim their bad-assness. The obvious hadn’t occurred to me: they would simply discover Islam. To wit, in a video posted on Youtube in October of 2008 — since removed — “it looks like a bunch of teenage punks have stolen their parents’ firearms, and are waving them around in front of a camcorder, while making tough-sounding noise,” as one comment-poster described it. The description by the video read, “Muslim niggaz from Hunters Point…..We stay strapped biiiiatch!”

Another since-removed video had one “muslim nigga” telling other “niggaz” to come to Islam.

It all makes the new trend of robbing banks while wearing a burqa a bit apropos. One wonders whether this is done because of the practical benefits of a burqa for such a task, or for the impunity of crime under the star-and-crescent banner.